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Interview with Ms. Angelina Jolie in English - 2004-05-26

Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie recently spoke to VOA Khmer's Reasey Poch about her adopted son Maddox, her projects in Cambodia and her future plans for Cambodia.

Ms. Jolie told VOA that before she went to Cambodia to make the movie Tomb Raider she thought the Cambodian people would be bitter and angry about what had happened to them during the last three decades.

Instead, she said she found the Cambodian people to be "strong and spirited." She said the Cambodian people are "the most-inspired people" she has ever met. Ms. Jolie said she was impressed that the people are able "to love and smile and rise above the horror that they have been through."

Ms. Jolie said that in addition to her current conservation project to save the Cambodian forest near the Cambodian-Thai border, she plans to build more schools for Cambodian children all over Cambodia. She also said she plans to make more movies about Cambodia and to get involved with the local film industry to do what they are doing in Cambodia.

When told that Jackie Chan recently said he plans to write a movie script about Cambodia, Ms. Jolie said she would get in touch with him.