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Justice Project Coming To an End

Cambodia needs more support to continue to improve justice at so-called “centers of justice,” at the local level, a justice official said Monday.

“So if any development partner is interested in giving justice to the Cambodian people, please continue to help,” said Suy Mongleang, secretary-general of the Council for Legal and Judicial Reform, as a guest on “Hello VOA.”

Centers of justice are designed to help people at the grassroots level, and especially women who have been victimized, he said.

His appeal for more aid comes as a Spanish program worth $2 million is wrapping up. It is unclear whether there will be more funding for the Access to Justice Project, which was aimed as a trial to solve problems of land grabbing, money cheating, domestic violence, divorce and others.

The project was attempted in only 56 communes across six provinces and sought to prevent people from wasting time and money on expensive court cases and to provide a venue for resolution to local disputes.