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Former Ambassador Given Heritage Award

One of the most prominent Asian-American organizations in the US has honored a Cambodian-American from Texas who served in the administrations of both Bush presidents.

Sichan Siv was awarded the 2009 George HW Bush Heritage Award by the Asian Pacific American Heritage Association of Houston at a ceremony in Texas on May 8.

The president of the association, Alice Lee, told VOA Khmer by telephone from Houston that the award is typically given to “an individual who not only has served the community but also exemplified greatness to both the Asian culture and also the mainstream culture."

Sichan Siv told VOA Khmer by telephone from his home in Texas that he was honored to accept the award, not only for himself but for all Cambodian-Americans.

"Public service is the most important work,” he said. “As President George HW Bush has said, nothing is more important and more rewarding than public service."

The award comes with a personal letter from the 41st president and the former first lady, congratulating the former ambassador for his outstanding public service.

Sichan Siv served as deputy assistant to president George HW Bush from 1989 to 1992. He also served president George W Bush as the US ambassador to the United Nations’ Social and Economic Council from 2001 to 2006.