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Doctor Highlights Calories in Food

When facing diabetes, food should be carefully considered, including starches, fruit, dairy, vegetables and meats, a doctor said Thursday.

Starches of 1 serving, or 80 calories, include a bagel or slice of bread, ½ cup of oats or 1/3 cup of rice, said Dr. Taing Tek Hong, as a guest on “Hello VOA.”

A serving of fruit, for 60 calories, can include an apple or small banana, three dates, half a large grapefruit, or ¾ cup of cubed pineapple.

A serving of milk or yogurt, 100 calories for fat free or low fat, 120 calories for reduced fat, or 160 calories for whole milk can include chocolate or soy milk or even plain yogurt with artificial sweetener, he said.

Non-starchy vegetables can provide 25 calories in one serving, including bamboo shoots, green beans, bean sprouts, mushrooms, squash and others.

One serving of meat can provide 45 calories lean, 75 calories medium fat and 100 calories medium fat, for every ounce of beef, fish, pork or poultry, two egg white , one regular egg, or two small sardines.

Calories from fat, around 45 per serving, can be found in six almonds, two tablespoons of avocado, 10 peanuts, one tablespoon of butter or 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.

Foods that produce less than 20 calories per ounce include coffee, tea, diet soda, lemon juice, mustard, cooking wine, garlic, hot pepper sauce, or salad greens.