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‘Hope’ Rings True for Cambodian Author

A former US ambassador to the United Nations, Sichan Siv, says he is very pleased by the positive reaction from Americans as he travels around the country to promote his autobiography.

"Since the book was published on July 1, I have traveled from the West Coast to the East Coast and to many places in between," the former ambassador told VOA Khmer in Washington last week. "And the reaction from the people has been very good."

Sichan Siv's "Golden Bones," an autobiography describing his life in Cambodia and journey to America. In the book, he describes his journey from the jungles of Cambodia to the halls of the White House.

Americans from all professions, waiters, doctors, politicians and others, not only understand the important message in his book, which is hope, but they also believe in it, he said.

"As human beings we must have hope," he said. "My mother used to tell me when I was younger that no matter what the situation you're in, you must not give up hope."

Sichan Siv said he wanted the world to know about his ordeal. A number of foreign publishers have already expressed interest in translating his book into foreign languages, he said.