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Police Chief Inks Australian Security Pact

Cambodia’s national police chief, Gen. Hok Lundy, renewed an agreement with Australia on Saturday to combat transnational crime.

Hok Lundy spent four days in Australia, ultimately signing a cooperation agreement with the Federal Police, said Lt. Gen. Sok Phal, a member of the delegation.

Cambodia has had a security relationship with Australian police since 2001, when the country’s own police commissioner, Michael Keelty, traveled to Cambodia to discuss policing issues with Hok Lundy.

Australia is seeking regional partners to combat transnational crime and terrorism.

Hok Lundy and Cambodia have enjoyed strengthening relationships with Western nations, including the US, in recent years.

The US FBI has opened a liaison office in Phnom Penh, and in 2007 the US resumed direct aid to the country.

A team of FBI investigators is now in Phnom Penh to help Cambodian police investigate the July 11 murder of opposition journalist Khim Sambor.