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Condoms Advised To Prevent Deadly HIV

A leading health expert on Thursday warned men to use a condom to prevent HIV infection, seeking to clear up confusion among some men who still believe they are safe from the deadly virus.

“Even couples who both have HIV have to use condoms, because if not, a million sperm from the male contains more of the virus, which will cause more rapid health damage,” saidDr. Tea Phally, a UNAIDS health adviser, as a guest on “Hello VOA.”

Cambodia has an estimated 170,000 HIV positive people, and spread of the disease and AIDS is a growing concern.

Although it can be difficult for a sex worker to refuse a powerful man’s demands to have sex without a condom, women must find a way to say “no,” Tea Phally said.

The main causes of HIV transmission are through sexual intercourse, the sharing of dirty needles and breast feeding, Tea Phally said. Men who have sex without a condom are at risk of the virus even if they withdraw to ejaculate, he added.

Treatment can now extend the lifespan of someone with HIV up to 20 years, but such drugs must be used under proper medical supervision or they can lead to more problems, Tea Phally said.