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'One-Party' Will Hurt Democracy: Observer

The domination in the polls of the Cambodian People's Party Sunday could lead to one-party rule and a decline in democracy, a local human rights official warned Thursday.

"One-party rule will affect democracy," said Ny Chakya, monitoring chief for the rights group Adhoc.

"We are concerned about the future freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and others; that's what we think about," Ny Charya said, as a guest on "Hello VOA"

The government remains at a deadlock following Sunday's polls, with the CPP leading an unofficial vote tally with 90 of 123 National Assembly seats. A new government must be formed within 60 days, but all elected members must join, by swearing in, said Sok Samoeun, director of the Cambodia Defenders Project, who was also on "Hello VOA."