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NEC: Most Election Funds Pledged

Cambodia is about $1 million shy in election funds, following pledges from donors and the government in recent weeks that have nearly filled the coffers, election officials said Thursday.

The July elections will cost around $17 million, and most of that has been filled, said Tep Nitha, secretary-general of the National Election Committee.

The government will spend about $10 million, along with $3 million from Japan, with the rest coming from other countries.

The rest of the funds will come through the UNDP via donors, he said, “but we missed about $1 million.”

UNDP spokesman Men Kim Seng said Japan, Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Australia had met over funding in recent weeks.

“The discussion is continuing so we have not received any final decision,” he said. “But we hope to get that soon in the coming days.”

The money will fund administration, staff and services, when as many as 50 political parties compete for parliamentary seats July 27.