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Nuon Chea Ready for Pre-Trial 'Struggle'

The lawyer for jailed Khmer Rouge leader Nuon Chea said Thursday he is ready to present his client’s case for pre-trial release at a tribunal hearing next month.

The lawyer, Son Arun, said he will present a strong case on Feb. 4 for Nuon Chea’s release, despite a finding against similar arguments for the jailed prison chief Duch in November.

“As to guaranteeing Nuon Chea getting out of detention, there will be a struggle,” Son Arun told VOA Khmer. “The lawyer’s struggle must be to try. Whether he succeeds or doesn’t succeed, it’s the privilege of the judge and lawyers to find laws, forms, arguments, evidence to release the client. That’s our effort.”

Experts said Thursday Nuon Chea will have to demonstrate he is not a threat to public security, evidence or witnesses and will have to show guarantees he will appear before the courts when called.

“I believe both lawyers of Nuon Chea will raise some of these points in the pre-trial chamber,” said Hisham Moussar, a tribunal monitor for the rights group Adhoc.