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Tribunal to Hold Public Forum in Former KR Stronghold

The Khmer Rouge tribunal will hold a public meeting in Pailin next week, in an effort to allay fears of lower ranking cadre they could be arrested too, officials said Tuesday.

Pailin, in the mountainous jungles of northwest Cambodia, had been the home of chief ideologue Nuon Chea and nominal head Khieu Samphan before their arrests late last year. Many of their family members and supporters still live there.

Tribunal spokesman Reach Sambath said the goal of the forum would be to reassure former low-ranking Khmer Rogue soldiers they would not be similarly prosecuted.

Co-investigating judges will explain to participants that the tribunal's mandate is to indict top leaders only, he said.

Pailin authorities will disseminate information ahead of the meeting in an effort to include as many participants as possible, he said.

Ly Kimseng, wife of Nuon Chea, said Tuesday she had not received information on participation.