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Land Buyers Beware, Warns Rights Official

An expert on real estates says buyers should take precautions before buying a piece of land in Cambodia because of the weak law enforcement and the use of tricks by sellers.

"Fake documents, the court's unwillingness to implement the existing laws,and the greed of some local authorities make owning land in Cambodia unsafe," says Adhoc Land Unit Chief Latt Ky who is the guest on Hello VOA program on Monday.

Latt says he has closely monitored the land conflicts all over the country. He says only powerful and high-ranking officials in Cambodia can receive justice.

The ADHOC official compares the land problems to voter registration problem because people often come to Phnom Penh to ask for help from the National Assembly or from the government but they are often ignored.

Latt told VOA listeners that ADHOC has a branch in every provinces in Cambodia. He urges people to consult with his office before buying a piece of land to avoid future problems.