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Two Taiwanese Girls Arrested for Drug Smuggling

Two Taiwanese teens were arrested at Phnom Penh International Airport Thursday after they were caught with a total 1.2 kilograms of narcotics strapped to their legs.

The two girls, aged 17 and 16, were leaving Cambodia for Hong Kong when they were caught with 600 grams each.

“They went through the [airport] scanner, we checked their bodies, and they’d hidden 600 grams of drugs each on their thighs,” said Chuo Kim Ny, police chief at Phnom Penh International Airport.

The girls were detained but have not been charged by the courts.

Taiwanese nationals were the most frequently arrested for drug smuggling over the past year, said Lt. Gen. Sok Phal, a spokesman for the police.

“Generally, 99 percent, they are good, but the minority when they come, they come to smuggle drugs,” said Lt. Gen. Sok Phal. “We don't really have many European” smugglers, he said.