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People, Not Just Laws, Make Traffic Safer, Expert Says

Police began enforcing a traffic law last month that has been on the books since February, but a traffic safety expert said Monday it wasn't just the law that mattered.

"I wish people would not think it's the role of traffic police alone," said Sann Socheata, a road safety program manager with Handicapped International Belgium. "In fact, when we speak about enforcing the traffic law, it's the role of people to participate too."

Cambodia's new traffic law, which requires motorcyclists to wear helmets and restricts drivers under the age of 16, was passed in February.

Still, traffic accidents lead to four deaths each day nationwide and 100 injuries.

Police say high speed and drinking are the main causes of accidents.

Individuals can help reduce the deaths and injuries, Sann Socheata said, as a guest on "Hello VOA."

"Participation in respect of the law can reduce traffic accidents," she said.