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AP: Ieng Sary Fears He's Next for Tribunal

Former Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Sary told the Associated Press Sunday he believes he'll be the next man indicted on atrocity crimes by the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Arriving in Bangkok for a health check-up Sunday, Ieng Sary said he had done "nothing wrong" as foreign minister and deputy prime minister of the regime.

"I am a gentle person. I believe in good deeds. I even made good deeds to save several people's lives [during the regime]. But let [the tribunal] find what the truth is," Ieng Sary told the AP.

He arrived being pushed in a wheelchair and said his heart "was not functioning well following previous surgeries," the AP reported. "My health is my big concern now."

Youk Chhang, director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, told VOA Khmer Monday Ieng Sary had been documented as a high-level member of the regime.

The Khmer Rouge tribunal has yet to act on three confidential names provided by prosecutors.

Tribunal spokesman Reach Sambath said Monday the courts were processing these names "every day."