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Aid Not Monitored Enough, Advocate Tells 'Hello VOA'

Too much aid has entered Cambodia unmonitored since 1991, Kek Galabru, founder of the rights group Licadho, told "Hello VOA" Monday.

Speaking from Phnom Penh ahead of donor meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, Kek Galabru said 18 countries, including the US, Japan, the EU and Canada continually pledge money, while the government continually falls short of development promises.

Callers asked about conditions and promises tied to aid, and whether NGOs could propose ideas in order to keep the government on task.

Some countries, like the US, which just returned direct aid to Cambodia, monitor their aid closely, but other countries do not, Kek Galabru said. They should, she said.

Donors give aid because they see a need in Cambodia, she said, and NGOs have never asked them to stop.

However, what NGOs want to see is close monitoring of aid for the improvement of the country, in areas like human rights, land conflict, good governance, improved judiciary, education, health, illegal logging, among others, she said.