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Hip-Hop Artist PraCh Ly Hits 'Hello VOA'

Cambodian-American rapper PraCh Ly told "Hello VOA" listeners Monday that he loves his work and does not care much whether he makes money.

Some of his songs highlight the social ills of Cambodia, the number of people living in poverty, for example, in the midst of corruption.

PraCh Ly is at work on his third album, he said, which he expects to come out in October, with both Khmer and American songs. He admits some people in Cambodia may not like his third album because he continues to describe social issues in Cambodia.

One listener asked PraCh to import his CDs for sale in Cambodia. The CDs can be purchased online for now, PraCh Ly said, at

The CDs are also sold in stores in Long Beach, California. He was looking for help with distribution in Cambodia, he said.

Another listener asked PraCh Ly to translate his previous songs into Khmer because they focus on a wide range of social issues.

Many people influenced him, PraCh Ly said, including hip-hop artists in the United States and former Cambodian singers, such as the late Sin Sisamouth and Ros Sereisothea.