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Thai Panel Recommends Prosecution of Thaksin's Wife for Corruption

A special panel set up in Thailand to investigate corruption allegations against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has recommended that prosecutors file tax evasion charges against Mr. Thaksin's wife.

The panel says Pojaman Shinawatra and her brother Bhanapot Damapong failed to pay taxes when they sold shares in their family's computer and communications business in 1997.

The panel also called for charges to be filed against Bhanapot and Pojaman's secretary. An anti-corruption agency appointed by Thailand's interim government has already ordered Bhanapot to pay nearly 15 million dollars in back taxes on shares in the corporation.

The corporation later became known as Shin Corp. Thailand was shaken by months of protests last year over Mr. Thaksin's dealings with Shin Corp. In September, a military coup removed him from office.