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Spanish Psychologist to Examine Cambodia's 'Jungle Woman'

A Spanish psychologist will be the first doctor to examine a woman found naked in Cambodia's forests, as questions remain about her identity and her past.

Hector Rifa, who has done extensive work in Cambodia, has traveled to the region to evaluate the woman. She is thought to be Rochom P'ngieng, who went missing 18 years ago, and may have survived alone in the jungle since then.

She has not uttered any intelligible sounds and has repeatedly tried to escape from the family of a villager named Sal Lol, who claims to be her father.

Other villagers question his story, but he says he will agree to DNA testing to determine whether she is his daughter.

Rifa says the woman's troubled behavior is not unusual for someone in her situation. He says he will try to help the woman's purported family understand and care for her properly.