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Malaysia to Deport Heng Pov Back to Singapore

The Malaysian High Court on Friday ordered Heng Pov, who arrived in the country from Singapore in September, to be sent back to Singapore, the place in which he overstayed his visa, according to Heng Pov's wife and a spokesman for the Cambodian Ministry of the Interior.

It's not known when Heng Pov, who is being held in Malaysia, will leave the country.

Human rights activists say that should Singapore does not allow Heng Pov to stay in its country, he [Heng Pov] would be permitted to leave for Finland immediately.

Heng Pov was convicted and sentenced in absentia in September for killing judge Sok Sethamony.

Finland has offered him a visa citing human rights concerns, saying that if Heng Pov was to be sent back to Cambodia, he could be tortured or executed.

The Cambodian government strongly criticized Finland's decision.