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Friday's News Brief

Former King Sihanouk says he wants his body cremated when he dies. In a message written in French translated unofficially the 84 year-old monarch says that he wants his ashes to be sprinkled with blessed water by respected Buddhist monks.

In another development the wife of the man who was charged with damaging public properties in Kampot province accuses a court official of extorting money in exchange for the release of her husband.

Mrs. Puth Siphan says a court clerk called her to demand the money. When VOA calls the number she gave, the receiver acknowledged he is a court clerk but says someone tried to offer him money if he agrees to help the accused man. He says he denied the bribe.

About 1,700 people in Kampong Cham province demands the provincial governor to abolish the monopoly to sell pork. They suspect that the businessman colludes with the authority to get the exclusive rights to sell pork. Mr. Chroeung Kim Srun, Koh Sotin chief, says that so far the applications are still coming in and a decision has not yet made.

In another development opposition lawmaker Keo Remy urges government officials to refrain from using government properties and resources to do campaign works.