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Prime Minister Hun Sen Urges Cambodian Women to do Politics

Prime Minister Hun Sen urges Cambodian women to do politics, especially in the upcoming communal elections.

In a speech at the convention for first term communal joint (achievement) results at the Chatumuk Hall Thursday, Mr. Hun Sen says that 51% are women, and that they should join the political arena and participate in basic decentralization.

The Prime Minister says further that in the first term of 1,1261 communal council members, there is only 8% women, and 12% secretary positions.

He says that there are 13,000 women candidates for communal council members positions, and that this number is minimal compared to men.

Mr. Hun Sen says that all political parties that participate in the upcoming communal council member election should encourage women to become candidates for the election, and that those parties should put those women's names at the top of the list of women to be selected too, to secure their elections