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Authorities Arrest 8 People Implicated In Wanted Senior Police Official

Cambodian authorities arrest 8 people Thursday who used to live in former police commissioner Heng Pov's compound, wanted for suspected crimes, say human rights officials and Cambodian authorities.

The authorities did not specify about the reason for the arrests of these people, aging between 20-30 years old, living in Mr. Heng Pov's estate in Ta Khmau town, Kandal province.

Some serve as security guards, while others are gardeners, and the Cambodian authorities say that it is a routine legal procedure.

This serie of arrests is reported to be conducted since Monday, following court's search and arrest warrants for Prime Minister Hun Sen's adviser, Mr. Heng Pov.

Mr. Heng Pov was removed from this position by King Sihamon, in his royal decree dated July 27, after being suspected of murder charges.

Mr. Heng Pov is thought to be hiding in Singapore, and the Cambodian authorities are contacting interpol for extradition.

Police officials and the authorities say on condition of anonymity that the 8 people are involved with Mr. Heng Pov's case, after they found 9 weapons, $340,000 dollars, and $30,000 in counterfeit money at his home.

Investigation office director for local human rights group Adhoc, Chan Saveth, blames the court for arresting and charging more people suspected of involvement, without first investigating the cases according to legal procedures.

He says that he is informed about the arrests, because the victims's families file complaints, and that the human rights Adhoc will conduct investigations on these arrests.