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Khmer Rouge Jurists Officially Start Investigating Work

Cambodian and international prosecutors Monday start their investigations on former Khmer Rouge leaders' genocide and crime against humanity, responsible for the death of one million 700,000 Cambodian during their regime in the 1970s, say Khmer Rouge Tribunal officials.

Cambodian prosecutor, Ms. Chea Leang, and international prosecutor, Mr. Robert Petit conduct their investigations, after a swear-in ceremony of Cambodian and international jurists, and a seminar for understanding the genocide last week.

Khmer Rouge tribunal spokesman Reach Sambath told VOA that a Cambodian prosecutor and a Canadian prosecutor start their works on the investigation.

Mr. Petit told reporters Friday that the investigation process will be a long one, saying that the prosecutors start with an empty room, and build their cases on information that they will find in many weeks and months to follow.

Seventeen Cambodian judges and prosecutors and 13 internation jurists were appointed in May, and will bring the living former Khmer Rouge leaders to justice.

The Khmer Rouge tribunal officials say that the trial will be expected to begin in 2007.