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Kandal Villagers Fear Cow Disease

Trapeang Proy village, Kandal province people fear cow disease after some of their cows died without any apparent cause. They appeal to the government to investigate to contain possible spread.

Seven cows from one to three years old die quickly this week without apparent causes.

Trapeang Proy villager Ms. Chaem Lim says that the villagers fear possible spread from animals to animals and from humans to humans. She says that she has 5 cows that did not seem to be sick, but they stopped eating grass for awhile, then had convulsions with bleeding nose and just died. She would like for the government to monitor the situation.

Another villager Chuop Sarun says that the cows died from unusual disease that used to inflict them in the past, and that the villagers are afraid there might be deadly viruses that kill the animals.

The villagers say that they do not eat the cows, and that they are afraid some people might sell the diseased beefs in the markets.

Baek Chan commune chief Chan Tha says that he is informed about this news, but has not go to investigate.

Director in the Animal Health Department of the Ministry of Agriculture Kao Phal says that he has sent experts to study the cases but has not received any result yet.