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Cambodia Launches Consultative Group Meeting

Cambodia starts its second annual consultative groups (CG) meeting with donor countries, seeking a 2 billion dollars in aid from international community for the next 3 years.

The government document distributed at the site says that Cambodia needs one billion, 975 million US dollars for 619 projects from 2006 to 2008.

Prime Minister Hun Sen told reporters after the opening of the meeting that he is optimistic.

World Bank's representative Ian Porter appeals for the Cambodian government to keep its promise to make a corruption law, saying that the passage of such law is urgent, and that it is important that urgency does not lead to a poor quality law.

He says it is time to do it, to discuss the concerns about legal and judiciary systems. He adds that anti-corruption law should be implemented in the next 6 months, and notes that 15 months have passed since the donors conference occurred in 2004 when the government pledged to make anti-corruption law.

This anti-corruption law should have an international standard, and an independent, strong, and efficient anti-corruption organization should be created according to an action plan to fight corruption.

Opposition party legislator Keo Remy supports Mr. Porter's principles which in his view should not be interpreted as representing any government, or any group.