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Proposals to Abolish Toll Road Fees on Highway 4

An opposition Sam Rainsy party (SRP) lawmaker appeals to Prime Minister Hun Sen to intervene AZ company to stop making cars and other vehicles drivers pay toll fees when they travel Highway 4.

These drivers are legislators and senators traveling this Highway wich was built by the U.S. SRP's member of parliament Son Chhay says that this practice is cumbersome and making these travelers lose their time and which they think is useless.

Besides they say that the workers at the toll road say unkind words to them. Mr. Son Chhay proposes to Mr. Hun Sen to please advise AZ company to stop taking toll fees from these lawmakers and senators so that they do not lose face, and enable them to have the rights to use this transportation mode and this state highway.

He says that the lawmakers and senators travel this highway and they say they lose their time by stopping and paying twice a day. The AZ company got a contract to maintain Highway 4 which is 230km. long.

This company requires the travelers to pay four times for round trips, and family cars must pay 2,800 riels (local currency) each round, and container trucks pay nine dollars for one toll stop.

Last year the taxi association and some travelers demonstrated against the toll fees but to no avail. Mr. Son says that AZ company has a revenue of 10 to 15 million dollars a year from toll fees, and the maintenance is very minimal.

Mr. Theng Ngun of AZ company's investor affairs cannot be reached for comment, but he insists that this company has already lowered the fees.

Government spokesman Khieu Kanharith says that the lawmakers and senators are so stingy. It is only 2,800 riels and they complain.

He says that they should help common people, and they should not feel bothered by this. He also says that they should give 3,000 riels to the poor people who stand there and smell the exhaust fume.

The taxi association still complains that the fees are too high compared to the people's income.

The AZ company does not build this highway, but the U.S. is the one that built it.