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Hello VOA-Call-In Show With Mr. Sam Rainsy

Opposition party leader Sam Rainsy says that the latest issue is 50% plus one formula which he wishes to have constitutional amendment which the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) agrees to.

He says that the 50% plus one formula the democratic countries around the world use it, except for Cambodia which still uses the 2/3 formula.

He would like to have the 50% plus one formula to avoid political stalemate after each election in the past, and they could not form a government.

He believes that with this formula, his party has some hope to win the election. His opposition Sam Rainsy party (SRP) believes that the people will support this party 50% in 2008.

If there will be a political deadlock, Cambodia will be unstable and investors do not trust this country.

Mr. Sam Rainsy has a new "culture", meaning the leadership should respect one anotehr, talking about national interest, and not individual issues.

He says that his party's lawmakers went to remote areas and ask the local people about their problems which he wants to bring to the table and discuss them. He wants to have a solution which all parties can accept.

He says that his party still has the same principles, only the ways to make things work and his party's relationship with other parties that change. He would like his party to win the 2008 election with the people's support, and not by merging with any other party.

He and Prime Minister Hun Sen have not agreed to any solution yet. The callers would like for his party's lawmakers to help solve land grabbing, children crossing the border to work in Thailand and being mistreated. He says that his party wants the Cambodian people to live with pride, for the Cambodian economy to be strong so that the Khmer people will find work in their own country, not abroad.

He says he will solve the immigration, and border problems, and would like Cambodia to be democratic, thus having an independent court of justice.