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Kem Sokha's Two Daughters on Hello VOA Call-in Show

For the past week Miss Monovithya and Miss Samathida, imprisoned Kem Sokha's daughters have worked with Cambodian Americans in the United States, Cambodians in France, Australia, and Canada for their father's plight.

Mr. Kem is Cambodian Center for Human Rights' director. He was imprisoned in Prey Sar for allegedly defaming the government in connection with a banner displayed on International Human Rights Day.

Mr. Kem Sokha's daughters appeal to those Cambodians to write to their representatives, their senators, and other human rights institutions.

They also appeal to the Cambodian people living abroad to sign a petition to secure their father and other activists release.

They and some Cambodian people will conduct a ceremony called "Bon Psay Meta", and "Candle Light Vigil" in front fo the white House on Friday, 01-13-06. Cambodian people from Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, will participate in the events.

The "Bon Psay Meta" ceremony will be conducted at Cambodian Buddhist temples and churches, and the media will be invited to cover both events.

The two daughters will meet the U.S. representatives and senators in Washington, D.C. on 01-15-06.

They say that their father did not do anything wrong, and that he was accused of defaming the government.

They say that the government is showing its true character now: does not respect human rights, does not want democracy, and represses those who express their opinions.