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Former King Defends Prince Yukunthor About Kampuchea Krom

Former King Norodom Sihanouk dismisses some politicians' unfair allegations that Prince Yukunthor did not fight the French colonialist regarding a deal with Vietnamese Emperor Bao Dai, giving Kampuchea Krom land to Vietnam.

The former king wrote in French in response to his adviser Say Bory's letter dated 01-04 which VOA receives and unofficially translated that now some rulers in Phnom Penh say that prince Yukunthor voted in absentia and did not fight the French colonialists, and did not stop them from giving the Khmer Kampuchea Krom land to Vietnamese Emperor Bao Dai.

The former King wrote that this injustice, the dissimination of untrue news, and the twisting of history cannot be accepted.

This allegation does not name anybody in particular.

Prime Minister Hun Sen used to say that the Kampuchea Krom land was lost during the French colonialist era and specified that there was a vote in absentia, but he did not specify anyone in particular.