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Union Members And Teachers Wish to Visit Mr. Rong Chhun in Prison

Garment workers and teachers plan to submit a letter to the Ministry of Interior for a permission to go visit Mr. Rong Chhun who is imprisoned at Prey Sar. Mr. Rong Chhun is president of Cambodian Independent Teachers Association and president of the Cambodia Federation Workers Union.

He was imprisoned on charges of defaming the ruling leaders, incitation and giving wrong news after participating in an opinion sharing in a statement criticizing about border issues.

Cambodian Independent Teachers Association's acting president Leng Bun Hong says Wednesday evening that he plans to submit a letter at the beginning of January asking permission for about 500 garment workers and 700 teachers representatives from 18 cities and provinces to go visit Mr. Rong Chhun.

The action prompts the US and international communities to strongly criticize the government.