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Cambodian government rejects Human Rights Watch Statement About Abusing Court System

The Cambodian government officials Wednesday reject Human Rights Watch (HRW) statement charging it of using the court system to try political opponents for political reasons to silence the government critics.

Government spokesman and Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith says the statement is made for political gain, and that the HRW officials do not know anything about the political situation in Cambodia, that the government is automatically viewed as always bad, and other people are good.

HRW chairman Fred Adams says in the statement that the charge is a political gain and should be abandoned. He adds that no one should face imprisonment by criticizing the ruling leaders.

Opposition Sam Rainsy party lawmaker Keo Remy says that the government opponents are victims of injustice in the court system. He notes that if the opposition leaders file suit against the government leaders, the court did nothing. But if the coalition government leaders file suit against the opposition party leaders, then the court takes action.

He says that the court is the government's instrument.