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U.S. Senators Visit Cambodia

U.S. senators visit Cambodia for two days 12-10 to 12-11 and discussed trade, terrorism, health cooperation and human rights with Cambodian government officials, in Siem Reap, U.S. Embassy and government officials say today (Wednesday).

No details were given about the discussions between the seven member US delegation led by Republican Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon and the Cambodian officials. But the US Embassy spokesman Jeff Daigle said that the delegation visits Angkor Vath, and they meet with Deputy Prime Minister Sok An with 12 Cambodian delegation members to greet the senators and the discussion focused on trading, counter terrorism, health cooperation, and human rights.

If Cambodia will be the recipient of the new US trade law, she can export garments duty free.

Minister in charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers, and Deputy Chairman of the National Commission for Reform of Weapon Management Sok An considers this meeting a constructive one on trade act.

The U.S. trade act allows Cambodia to export many garments to the US.