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Government Makes Copies of Pre-1979 Border Agreements

The Cambodian government has begun to make copies of all the documents on the pre-1979 border agreements which it has aired on all local television channels and keep them as historical documents.

The NGOs and government officials consider the government's action as an attack on the former King Sihanouk and said that it will not benefit the nation in any way.

Government spokesman and Minister of Information Khieu Kanharidh said the government has to keep such documents to defend itself against future charges. He also said that the government wants people to know who is right and who is wrong on the border issues.

The National Assembly's Permanent Commission is viewing the Supplemental Border Treaty before sending it to the whole house for ratification.

Mr. Kanharith says that the documents might be copied on to CDs. Mr. Keo Remy, opposition Sam Rainsy party legislator said that the government should also keep a record of all documents not just border documents to be fair.