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Sam Rainsy Party's Acting President Attends CPP's Meeting

The opposition Sam Rainsy party's acting president and vice president joins the high ranking CPP's officials' meeting Tuesday, an action that promts speculations from many people about his consideration to leave the opposition party. Mr. Kong Korm attends the meeting where Prime Minister Hun Sen gives a speech reminiscing about ball games in the 1980s with Mr. Kong Korm.

This is the annual meeting of the Ministry of Education at the Chatumuk Conference Hall. This is the first time that a high ranking official from an opposition party attends the CPP's meeting.

It is not known why he joins this meeting, but Mr. Kong Korm said that his presence means that the two party members can disagree but still be nice to one another for the national benefit.

Mr. Khieu Kanharith, government spokesman and Minister of Information said that the CPP has invited the opposition party many times to attend its meetings, but that they always declined.