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US Position on Khmer Rouge Tribunal

The US warns that it participates in the Khmer Rouge tribunal only if that court meets international standards, according to Pierre-Richard Prosper, US Ambassador-at Large, Office of War Crimes Issues.

Speaking to reporters at the end of his two-day visit to Cambodia, Ambassador Prosper said during his talks with Cambodian officials, he made clear that the US is giving "our best advice, what steps they could take to help insure that this process meet international standards because if it does not meet the standards of basic fundamental fairness and free of corruption, then we cannot be involved."

Ambassador Prosper said the US want to see transparency and that Cambodia select judges and prosecutors who are capable, fair and are not involved with corruption or under political influence.

Ambassador Prosper said he also wants to see the United Nations do the same when they select their judges and prosecutors.

Prime Minister Hun Sen's senior advisor Om Yintieng who is also a member of the special working group to set up the Khmer Rouge tribunal, can not be reached for comments despite many phone call attempts.

Government spokesman Khieu Kanharith refused to make any comments.

However, deputy prime minister Sok An's advisor Helen Jarvis said Cambodia has genuine intention to make sure the Khmer Rouge tribunal meets international standards.