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11 Chinese Miners Rescued After 2 Weeks Trapped Underground

Rescuers work at the Hushan gold mine where workers were trapped underground after the Jauary 10 explosion, in Qixia

Rescue teams in China have brought to the surface 11 miners trapped in a gold mine by an explosion Jan. 10.

Local media said the first miner was rescued from the mine in Qixia City in Shandong Province in east of the country on Sunday morning. He was rushed to an area hospital for treatment, being barely responsive.

Ten other miners, from a different section of the mine, were lifted from underground in groups over several hours. They had established contact with rescuers before Sunday and had been receiving food and supplies.

A total of 22 miners were trapped about 600 meters underground.

One miner is reported to have died, while the condition of 10 others remains unknown.

Chinese authorities have detained several managers of the mine, which was still under construction, for allegedly reporting the blast more than 24 hours after it occurred.