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AirAsia 8501 Ascended, Then Stalled Before Crash

Tatang Kurniadi, left, chief of the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), holds a model plane during a news conference in Jakarta, Jan. 29, 2015.

29 January 2015
Investigators say plane's voice recorder indicated that Airbus A-320's 'stall' warning came on during plane's ascent and continued until it made impact with water. More
January 2015
28 January 2015

Malaysian Developer Defends Laos Dam Project

VOA Khmer’s Say Mony interviewed Mega First Corporation’s senior environmental manager, Peter Hawkins, during a field visit to the project site in December.

China Lifts Lid on Sale of Fake Goods Online

A recent survey found nearly 60 percent of a random sample of items bought from Taobao were fake.

Video Raising Frogs in Rice Fields Generates More Incomes and Crops for Farmers

Frogs are a natural, organic alternative to pesticides for farmers in Cambodia fighting against the insects ravening their fragile rice seedlings.

27 January 2015

Video The Impact of Hydro Dams in Tibet, an Interview With Michael Buckley

Massive Chinese developments inside Tibet, including hydro-power dams and large scale mining projects, are sparking concerns of major environmental degradation in the region.

Obama: America Can Be India’s Best Partner

On Monday, President Obama pledged $4 billion in American investments and loans to India but said trade between the world's two largest democracies is still marked by 'so much untapped potential'.

Video US, Indian Leaders Vow New Chapter in Relations

In a visit promising symbolism and substance, U.S. President Barack Obama arrived Sunday in New Delhi with a pledge to take the U.S-India relationship to a new level.

26 January 2015

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked

Malaysia Airlines is trying to recover from twin disasters last year.

25 January 2015

Multimedia Obama, Modi Discuss Relations Between US, India During Landmark Visit

US leader says he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have 'agreed to deepen' their defense and security cooperation.

Abe Condemns Beheading of Japanese Citizen

Japanese PM says Tokyo will not give in to terrorism, calls for immediate release of remaining Japanese captive, free-lance journalist Kenji Goto

23 January 2015

Thailand’s Ousted PM Impeached by Military's Hand-picked Parliament

Yingluck will face a criminal charge in Thailand's Supreme Court; If convicted, she could face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

22 January 2015

Divers Recover 6 More Bodies from AirAsia Crash

The bodies were found strapped in their seats during the search Thursday.

Video Exiled Myanmar Singer Still Not Able to Return Home

Myanmar, thousands of refugees have returned home in recent years, drawn by democratic changes, a growing economy and loosened restrictions on political freedoms. But not everyone is welcome.

20 January 2015

Japan Demands IS Release Hostages

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says militant group's demand to pay ransom in exchange for lives of hostages is unforgivable.

19 January 2015

Video Author Explains Tibet’s River Crisis

Losang Gyatso, head of the Tibetan language service, speaks with author Michael Buckley, describing recent environmental issues on Tibet’s rivers, some of which feed the Mekong River.

Lao Official Defends Don Sahong Dam

Lao officials say they have done what they can to allay concerns of downstream countries over the dam, which environmental groups warn could have devastating impacts on the Mekong River’s fish and communities that rely on them.

16 January 2015

Photogallery India Battles Challenge of Shrinking Habitat for Big Cat

In effort to protect tigers, authorities have launched a program to relocate villages in sprawling habitat

15 January 2015

Sinking OIl Prices Cut Both Ways for China

Analysts say as long as slide continues, risks and challenges that Beijing faces could mount

Thailand Defends Care for Children in Controversial Surrogacy Case

At least 15 babies were allegedly fathered by a wealthy 24-year-old Japanese businessman, Mitsutoki Shigeta

Video Japan Unveils Largest Ever Defense Budget

Experts say investment is intended to counter changing security threats in region, strengthen Tokio’s hand in dealings with Beijing

Video Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre Helps Local Poor Generate Income

Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre near Siem Reap is home to the largest butterfly centre in Southeast Asia. As well as showcasing the country's abundance of butterfly species, the centre also trains poor local farmers to make extra money by raising butterflies.

14 January 2015

Citizen Groups Call for UN Probe and Scrapping of Two Mekong Dam Projects

Rights groups want Cambodia to scrap two controversial dams on grounds they will profoundly damage people’s lives, livelihoods and environment

Indonesian President's Nominee for Police Chief Named Corruption Suspect

Budi Gunawan has reportedly amassed more than $1.3 million over the past five years - impossible on a legitimate Indonesian police wage alone

Video Dams, Mining in Tibet by Chinese Impact Mekong Nations, Author Says

Author Michael Buckley tells VOA Tibetan Chief Losang Gyatso that Southeast Asian nations are impacted by Chinese dam and mine projects in Tibet. Buckley wrote 'Meltdown in Tibet' and says more than one billion people in South and Southeast Asia are being affected by environmental changes in Tibet.

Video Kerry Seeks Stronger U.S.-India Trade Ties

Secretary of State John Kerry says he is convinced that if the United States and India work together, the two countries can help forge a "new era of shared possibility" that could benefit millions of people in India and across Asia.

13 January 2015

Thailand: Progress Made In Countering Human Trafficking

Government is taking steps, including tougher regulations and new anti-trafficking measures, after coming under criticism from rights groups, US.

12 January 2015

AirAsia Data Recorder Recovered from Java Sea

So far, fewer than 50 bodies have been recovered; search officials say they expect more bodies will be found in submerged fuselage of plane.

10 January 2015

Investigators Recover Tail of AirAsia Jet

Search continues for black box flight recorders of the AirAsia plane that crashed on December 28, killing all 162 people on board.

09 January 2015

Documentary Tackles Concerns Over Mekong Dams

Produced by journalist Tom Fawthrop, the film, “The Great Gamble on the Mekong: Are we Killing the Mekong Dam by Dam?” looks closely at the impact of the controversial dam.

Asian Economies Look Inward for Growth, but Need Reforms

Asian companies are finding more consumers in their own backyards, rather than just selling abroad

Video World’s Longest Rail Route Part of China’s ‘Silk Road’ Revival

The longest rail link in the world is operational, after a train carrying goods from China arrived in the Spanish capital, Madrid, last month. The railway has been dubbed the ‘21st-century Silk Road’ and is the latest landmark investment by China aimed at improving the infrastructure along the old t

08 January 2015

Indonesia to Try to Lift AirAsia Tail Section

More than 80 divers battle murky waters, rough seas to search wreckage; disaster victim identification team says more bodies are found Thursday.

Impeachment of Ousted Thai PM Could Test Fragile Calm

Ex-PM Yingluck remains popular among the rural poor who elected her in a 2011 landslide.

07 January 2015

Cardinal Announcement Sparks Different Reactions in Myanmar, Vietnam

News of first Roman Catholic cardinal from Myanmar welcomed by people of diverse faiths, while Vietnam's third cardinal in almost 40 years draws only tepid praise.

06 January 2015

Vietnamese Businesses Study 'Innovation' to Move Ahead

A group of Vietnamese economists have devised a survey which measures how innovative businesses are and how they value innovation.

Cambodia Facing Impending Regional Challenges, Experts Say

Vannarith Chheang told “Hello VOA” recently that poor countries like Cambodia need to work harder to reform laws, institutions, leadership and human resources to prepare for integration.

Search Area Expanded for AirAsia Flight Victims, Data Recorders

Authorities, worried that strong currents and rough seas are pushing victims and wreckage farther from main site, open 'second priority' search area in Java Sea off Indonesia.

Multimedia Official: AirAsia Tail Section Possibly Located

As search enters ninth day, three more bodies found; several aviation officials suspended over AirAsia Flight 8501's lack of proper permits to fly Surabaya-to-Singapore route on Sundays.

04 January 2015

Divers Forced to Halt Search for AirAsia Jet

Near-zero visibility at sea bed suspends efforts to reach possible wreckage week after after Flight 8510 crashed; officials say 34 bodies have been recovered, nine identified.

Myanmar Marks Independence Day

Armed forces showcase fighter jets, tanks and long-range artillery.

North Korea Hits Back at US Sanctions

Foreign Ministry calls sanctions 'hostile and repressive,' saying they will only harden Pyongyang's will and resolution to defend country's sovereignty.

Weather Continues to Hamper Search for Downed AirAsia Plane

Divers forced to turn back by poor visibility while trying to reach suspected wreckage of plane that went down a week ago.

03 January 2015

International Teams Step Up Search for AirAsia Wreckage

Search crews from at least four nations are now involved in the search for the AirAsia flight that crashed Sunday

02 January 2015

Photogallery Acoustic Gear to Be Used in Hunt for AirAsia Flight Recorders

Bad weather slows search for wreckage in Java Sea, prompting officials to say discovery of black box could take up to a week

01 January 2015

A Year After Deadly Cambodia Protest, Families Await Answers

Families of garment workers killed by police in January 2014 unrest struggle to survive, seek justice

Photogallery 7 Bodies Recovered From AirAsia Crash Site; Weather Hampers Search

Officials say sonar images suggest portion of plane is lying upside down on bottom of Java Sea in an area 30 to 50 meters deep; airline CEO plays down that information.

January 2015


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Raising Frogs in Rice Fields Generates More Incomes and Crops for Farmersi
28 January 2015
Frogs are a natural, organic alternative to pesticides for farmers in Cambodia fighting against the insects ravening their fragile rice seedlings. But despite their green-credentials, widespread hunting is preventing more farmers from switching to frogs. ​Ap/Takeo

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