Thursday, 26 November 2015

Southeast Asia

UN Warns Air Pollution in Asia Pacific Has Rising Cost

FILE - A worker wears a mask as he helps another push equipment during a hazy day in Singapore, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015.

26 November 2015
Globally some seven million people a year die prematurely due to indoor and outdoor pollution with about 70 per cent of those deaths in region. More
November 2015
26 November 2015

Vietnam Beating Case Highlights TPP Labor Rights Issue

Long-time labor rights advocate Do Thi Minh Hanh, once imprisoned for helping organize labor strikes, says she was held Monday for '13 hours without being given any reasons'.

24 November 2015

Thai Authorities Indict 2 Over August Shrine Attack

Thai authorities have not officially named the bombing an act of terror, and accordingly neither suspect will face terrorism charges.

Justice Elusive in 2009 Philippines Massacre

Six years after nearly five dozen people were gunned down in Philippines' worst case of election-related violence, no convictions have been made.

23 November 2015

Myanmar’s New Ruling Party Looks to Agriculture for Growth

Myanmar’s economy, buoyed by foreign investment and an easing of international sanctions, has experienced economic growth of around 8 percent a year.

100 Killed in Landslide at Myanmar Jade Mine

Local officials say more people are missing after massive collapse in Hpakant, Kachin State.

Obama's Message on Terror: ‘We Do Not Succumb to Fear’

President delivers strong message against terrorism at closing of annual ASEAN meeting and adjoining East Asia Summit

ASEAN Creates 'Community' Encompassing 600+ Million People

Summit host, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, hails establishment of community 'as a landmark achievement' more than a dozen years after concept was first proposed

20 November 2015

Beijing’s Claims in South China Sea High on ASEAN Agenda

White House officials say concerns over Beijing’s territorial claims in South China Sea will be high on President Barack Obama’s agenda as he meets with regional leaders during Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

ASEAN Civil Society Members Say They're Ignored

Co-chair of ASEAN civil society forum voices blunt plea to leaders of the regional organization.

19 November 2015

APEC Divided Over US Free-Trade Pact

Philippine president voices concern TPP standards may be too high for all interested countries to meet; supporters argue pact sets high standard for trade rules that will liberalize trade, investment.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi Holds First 'National Reconciliation' Meeting

It's the first of three scheduled meetings between NLD leader and senior officials.

Protesters Clash With Police as APEC Summit Wraps Up

There were no reports of injuries during the clashes, which occurred about one kilometer from the convention center.

18 November 2015

As Asean Moves Toward Integration, How Will Cambodia Fare?

Experts fear that Cambodia will not be competitive with its Southeast Asian neighbors, as a free flow of goods and services between the 10 Asean members ensues.

Obama Calls for ‘Bold Steps’ to Quell Tensions in South China Sea

China, which says it has 'indisputable sovereignty' over practically the whole sea, has said there is no need for outsiders to weigh in on the disputes.

Philippines, Vietnam Affirm United Front on S. China Sea

Presidents of Philippines, Vietnam showing more united front on disputed South China Sea issue on sidelines of APEC summit.

17 November 2015

China Doesn't Want Sea Dispute Raised at ASEAN Summit

Chinese officials say Beijing has 'maintained great restraint' and not moved to recover islands and reefs 'illegally occupied by neighboring countries'.

Terrorism, Security Intrude on APEC’s Trade Agenda

While not on APEC agenda, virtually every speaker at two-day summit addressed Paris attacks.

Obama Unveils Maritime Plan for Southeast Asian Nations

The White House announced a package of up to $259 million in new aid over the course of two years.

16 November 2015

Manila Clears the Streets Ahead of APEC Summit

Hundreds of business chiefs and leaders of 21 economies along the Asia-Pacific region, including 17 heads of state, will be in Manila for the summit.

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Opens Talks With Former Military Foes

Opposition leader’s National League for Democracy party swept to resounding victory in November 8 parliamentary elections.

12 November 2015

Myanmar Says Obama Congratulates President on 'Free and Fair' Vote

With results continuing to trickle in, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy appear headed for a landslide victory.

In Myanmar Election, Lessons for Cambodia

Koul Panha, head of the election monitoring watchdog Comfrel, said the people in Myanmar have been respectful to each other following the election.

11 November 2015

UN Criticizes Australian Refugee Policy

Australia automatically detains asylum seekers who arrive in the country without visas.

Myanmar President Congratulates Suu Kyi on Election Result

National League for Democracy claims 135 seats -nearly 90 percent - of results announced so far for lower house of parliament.

Upcoming Summit Will See Broad Support for South China Sea Talks

China is facing overlapping claims in the sea with Asean members Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

10 November 2015

Nearly 90 Suspects Face Human Trafficking Charges in Thailand

A senior army general was among 88 suspects who appeared in a Thai courtroom Tuesday to face charges of human trafficking.

Observers Mixed on Myanmar Elections as NLD Claims Landslide

Official results show opposition NLD so far has won 126 seats in lower house of parliament; military-backed USDP has won just eight.

Video Cambodia Marks Independence Day

Thousands of Cambodians gathered near Independence Monument in Phnom Penh Monday, celebrating the 62nd anniversary of the nation’s independence from colonial rule.

Video Heavy Voter Turnout in Myanmar Amid Anticipated Opposition Victory

Unofficial results show the opposition party of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi poised for a significant victory in Myanmar. VOA Khmer's Chhim Sumedh narrates.

Asean Leaders Want Peaceful Resolution of South China Sea Dispute

According to a draft of the chairman’s statement, Asean will call for restraint and the avoidance of “actions that would complicate or escalate tension.”

09 November 2015

Myanmar Opposition Party Wins First Seats in Expected Landslide

Election officials announce Monday that the National League for Democracy had won 12 lower house seats in the main city of Yangon in what is expected to be a landslide victory in Sunday's parliamentary elections.

07 November 2015

Video Sole Muslim Candidate Campaigns for Change in Myanmar

Khin Maung Thein is the only Muslim standing for office in city that is expected to elect mostly candidates from Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party.

Taiwanese Protest Meetings Between Ma, China's Xi

Demonstrators say president lacks popular support in Taiwan for summit and worry he will make secret deal that sacrifices Taiwan’s prized democracy and self-rule to China.

06 November 2015

A Guide to Myanmar Elections

Sunday's vote will be Myanmar’s first under civilian rule.

Video Seoul Kimchi Festival Keeps Korean Tradition Alive

The city of Seoul held a kimchi festival Friday that was organized in part to keep alive a Korean tradition that is now in decline.

Filipinos Enthusiastically Welcome US Military Personnel

More than two decades ago, US Navy closed it largest overseas base, Subic Bay, but now ships have returned, with Philippines in charge of strategic port.

Vietnam to Visiting Xi: Don't 'Militarize' South China Sea

Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting Vietnam in an effort to repair ties strained over maritime disputes.

Video Fairness Concerns Raised Before Myanmar Vote

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi describes electoral process as riddled with irregularities and is already calling into question its credibility.

Photogallery In Photos: Kate Webb, An Outstanding Correspondent of the Vietnam War

A photo gallery of Kate Webb, war correspondent and Phnom Penh bureau chief for United Press International (UPI) in 1970 after reporting the Vietnam war between 1967 and 1969.

05 November 2015

Suu Kyi to Be ‘Above the President’ if NLD Wins Election

Suu Kyi is banned from holding the office by a constitutional provision that says candidates with foreign-born spouses and/or offspring cannot be president.

Anti-China Protests Precede Xi Visit to Vietnam

Most demonstrations seem related to maritime territorial dispute over South China Sea.

04 November 2015

PM: Bhutanese Getting More Sleep, Lifting Happiness Index

Constitutional monarchy's goal is for every citizen in the tiny Himalayan kingdom to be 'extensively or deeply happy'.

Japan Donates 2 More Patrol Boats to Vietnam Amid S. China Sea Tensions

Ships are second delivery of 2014 deal for Tokyo to provide Vietnam with 6 used fishing vessels that will be converted into patrol ships for coast guard.

02 November 2015

Thousands of Suu Kyi Supporters Stage Huge Pre-Election Rally

In speech, Myanmar's opposition leader called on supporters to stay united, avoid provocations on election day and expresses will to work with any political party for public good.

November 2015


40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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US and Cambodian Navies Pair Up in the Gulf of Thailandi
24 November 2015
The U.S. navy has deployed one of its newest and most advanced ships to Cambodia to conduct joint training drills in the Gulf of Thailand. VOA Khmer's Hong Chenda narrates.

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Video Save Face (Movie: Just Go With It)

You can say, "I can't believe he's not accepting responsibility for his mistakes. To 'save face' he continues to make excuses for himself." What does it mean? Watch here. For more videos - go to To contact Mani & Mori - write to them at

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