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'Forbidden City' Revisits Little Known Era of Asian-American Entertainment

Larry Ching, “the Chinese Frank Sinatra,” with fellow performers at the Forbidden City nightclub in the early 1940s (Courtesy DeepFocus Productions, Inc.).

27 April 2015
Little-known chapter of entertainment history captured in 80s documentary is revisited in new digitally remastered format and book. More
April 2015
27 April 2015

Malaysia Urges Peaceful Solution to ASEAN Disputes with China

The summit will also focus on the ASEAN vision of creating a single regional community, which the group will outline by the end of the year.

Leaked ASEAN Document Focuses on South China Sea

Final draft of the 26th ASEAN Chairman's Statement, obtained by VOA Khmer, says the group will call for intensified consultations on a code of conduct for the South China Sea.

25 April 2015

VOA Interview Cited in Case Against Chinese Dissident

Court documents accuse Yu Shiwen of causing public disorder by giving interview about a private June 4 memorial he held with friends last year.

Indonesian NGOs Blast Police Appointment of Scandal-tainted Candidate

As much of the nation's attention was on Asia-Africa summit in Jakarta, Budi Gunawan quietly sworn in as number two official.

Photogallery In Bandung, Leaders Slam Imperialist West

At 60th anniversary of Asian African Conference, leaders strongly defend principles of self-determination against modern day imperialism but barely mention democracy, human rights.

24 April 2015

Laos Looks to Balance China’s Growing Economic Influence

China became Laos’ leading investor in 2014 with funds totaling more than $5 billion for projects in mining, resources, hydropower and agribusiness.

Myanmar Refugee First to Accept Cambodia Resettlement

Controversial plan strongly criticized by human rights groups.

Video US Business, Labor Spar on 'Fast Track' for Pacific Trade Bloc

America's top business advocate and its biggest labor boss sparred Tuesday over proposed 'fast track' legislation to facilitate the formation and approval of a 12-nation Pacific trading bloc. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

23 April 2015

Refugees From Ruined Village Say Myanmar Army Trapped Them

Army reportedly burned Aung Lan Chuang because villagers were suspected of harboring rebels; refugees report being low on food.

Video Philippines Wants Tourists Spending Money at New Casinos

Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry in the Philippines. Close to five million foreign visitors traveled there last year, perhaps lured by the country's tropical beaches. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

22 April 2015

Video Rail Rivals China, Japan Compete for High-Speed Track in Asia

Although Japan had decades-long head start rolling out bullet train, China can now boast of having more than half of world's 23,000 kilometers of high-speed rail track.

Indonesian Province Hosts Anti-Islamic State Workshop

Head of one Islamic organization says IS is 'radical political group' that wants 'destruction of everything down to the roots'.

Vietnamese Farmers Block Highway to Protest Pollution

In latest of several environmental protests, farmers decry dredging that pollutes bay whose marine life their livelihoods depend on.

Video Business, Labor Advocates Spar Over 'Fast Track' for Pacific Trade

Chamber of Commerce chief notes importance of trade-linked jobs; AFL-CIO leader expresses workers' rights, environmental concerns.

UN: Little Progress Against Asia’s Booming Synthetic Drugs Trade

With demand rising and Internet boosting illicit trade, authorities call for tighter controls on substances’ precursor chemicals.

21 April 2015

EU to Thailand: Clean Up Fishing Trade in 6 Months

European Union gives Thailand a 'yellow card' ultimatum to drastically alter its polices on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing or face a ban.

20 April 2015

Officials Travel To Speak With Nauru Asylum Seekers

Two officials from Cambodia’s Interior Ministry departed for Australia and the Pacific Island of Nauru Monday, to ensure that an initial group of asylum seekers there will move to Cambodia, part of a controversial deal with Australia.

Southeast Asia Experts Discuss Religious Change and Gender

The two-day conference, as part of 'Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia' program, aims to promote more engagement and better policies to handle the region’s diversity.

13 April 2015

Philippines: China's Reclamation Causing Ecological Damage

President Obama has said Washington is concerned China is using its 'sheer size and muscle' to push around smaller nations.

Car Bomb in Southern Thailand Triggers Tighter Security

Bomb blast in basement car park of department store on island of Samui injured seven people, including Italian girl.

12 April 2015

US Defense Secretary Ends Asia-Pacific Tour

Ash Carter heard from commanders on issues ranging from land disputes in South China Sea to missile threat on Korean peninsula.

11 April 2015

Indonesia to Investigate Fishing Industry After Slaves Found on Island

550 foreign fishermen rushed at chance to be rescued from isolated island where Associated Press report revealed slavery runs rampant in industry.

10 April 2015

Aung San Suu Kyi Welcomes Myanmar Reform Talks

Speaking to reporters Nobel Laureate says an election boycott is still an option, but not likely.

Obama Concerned China Bullying South China Sea Nations

Obama said the US wants all sides to 'use the mechanisms already in place internationally' to resolve disputes.

Video Secretary Carter Urges Restraint in South China Sea

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter laid out the U.S. commitment to Japanese security Wednesday, urging restraint in territorial disputes between Japan and China. The Secretary's remarks came as he began his first Asia tour in Tokyo. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

09 April 2015

China Broadcaster to Punish Anchor Who Insulted Mao

CCTV said Bi Fujian's remarks 'have had a serious social impact'.

08 April 2015

Video Fishermen From Myanmar, Cambodia And Laos Rescued From Slave Labor​

For years, Min Mink Chan never stopped dreaming of home. As he arrived in Jakarta to board a flight back to Myanmar, that dream was just hours away from becoming a reality.

03 April 2015

Regional Trade Deals Mean More Opportunities, Economists Say

Cambodian officials and business leaders will be looking for markets to export more products to Asean members.

N. Korean Envoy: Nuclear Weapons Not Negotiable

Diplomat says his country ‘will never give up nuclear weapons’ until US, entire world do so.

02 April 2015

Video Cambodia Lacks Skills in Face of Asean Integration, Expert Says

Asean countries, including Cambodia, are reforming their development and tax policies to conform with a regional norm.

Civic Activists: ASEAN Ignoring Peoples' Concerns

ASEAN is set to hold its 26th Summit later this month in Kuala Lumpur.

Video Neighboring Countries Interested in Booming Tourism in Siem Reap

Cambodia's Foreign Minister Hor Namhong held talks with his Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsudi and Myanmar's Vice President U Nyan Tun.

01 April 2015

Asia’s Middle Class Changes Demand for Wheat Grain Exporters

Changes in tastes and diets are boon for wheat exporters such as Australia and the United States.

End to Martial Law in Thailand Not Seen as Cause for Celebration

Legal experts warn martial law is being replaced with a section of a provisional charter that will give the leader of the kingdom's junta even more power.

Video Parties Must Work Together, To Ensure Legacy, Expert Says

Cambodian political officials should begin thinking about the legacy they are leaving future generations, with a new political environment following gains by the opposition in 2013, an analyst says.

April 2015


40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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Expelled Environmentalist Remains Optimistic About Mother Nature Cambodiai
23 April 2015
Spanish outspoken environmentalist Alex Gonzalez has expressed his hope that some of those who visit Areng Valley will become activists to protect Cambodia’s remaining natural resources. Alex, who has been banned from entering Cambodia, is touring the US to seek international support and a way to go back to the country. VOA Khmer Men Kimseng interviewed Alex while he was in Washington DC.

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Video You've Got To Be Kidding (Movie: Bedtime Stories)

You can say, "What? You lost your passport? So, you're stranded in a foreign country, where you don't speak the language and you don't know anyone? You've got to be kidding me, right?" What does it mean? Watch here. For more videos - go to

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