Southeast Asia

Some Thailand Flights Grounded Over Safety Concerns

FILE - Thai Airways passenger planes park at the ramp of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport.

30 March 2015
Negative review of Thai airlines led Japan, South Korea to block charter and new flights from Thailand, with concerns other countries, including US, will take similar action. More
March 2015
28 March 2015

Thailand Toughens Human Trafficking Penalties

Country under intense international pressure, especially from US, to curb human trafficking and abusive labor practices for migrant workers.

Video World Leaders in Singapore Sunday for Lee's Funeral

Country's 'founding father' was greatly admired in region where other leaders sought to emulate him, replicate his success.

27 March 2015

Court Rules Suspected Uighur Family Must Remain in Thai Custody

The family's lawyer said they have all obtained passports from Turkey's Interior Ministry that make them 'officially Turkish citizens'.

26 March 2015

Thai Reporters: Junta Leader's Execution Quip No Laughing Matter

PM Prayuth warned journalists to refrain from reporting anything that could cause 'conflicts' or they could face 'execution'.

Cambodia Publicly Endorses China Position on South China Sea

Prime Minister Hun Sen says issue should be solved only by nations directly affected by the disputes - as Philippines, Vietnam seek multi-lateral approach.

25 March 2015

Economic Growth Could Slow as Workers Migrate

An estimated 800,000 Cambodian workers migrated to Thailand in search of jobs this year alone.

Thousands Pack Singapore Streets to See Lee's Casket

Lee's body will lie in state for the public to pay respects until his Sunday funeral.

24 March 2015

Chinese Bank an Opportunity for Aid Reform, Fulbright Scholar Says

Sok Vanseka said Cambodia’s effective use of any future funding from the new bank would largely depend on its own political will.

Despite Peace Talks, Myanmar Expands Kachin Offensive

Kachin spokesman tells VOA latest assault, which includes airstrikes, focuses on group's bases near town of Bahmo.

23 March 2015

Cambodia in Race To Catch Up, as Asean Moves To Integrate

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, meanwhile, will have until 2018 to enjoy preferred statuses, as they race to catch up to the rest of the region.

Photogallery Cambodians Mourn Passing of Lee Kwan Yew

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said in a public speech Monday he admired Lee’s leadership and ability to move his country beyond British colonization.

Lee Kuan Yew, Founder of Modern Singapore, Dies at 91

Current PM Lee Hsien Loong, Lee Kuan Yew's son, said in a televised address his father 'inspired us, gave us courage, and brought us here'.

21 March 2015

First Lady Obama’s Visit a Chance for Improved Relations, Analysts Say

John Ciorciari said Obama’s trip can help the relationship between the two countries, but Cambodia’s rights record remains a problem.

Video First Lady Michelle Obama Begins Cambodia Tour

First Lady Michelle Obama arrived Friday in Cambodia for a three-day visit to promote girls’ education.

20 March 2015

Video U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama Arrived in Siem Reap

US First Lady Michelle Obama has arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Friday night, as part of her two-nation Asian trip to promote education for girls. VOA Khmer reports.

19 March 2015

Notorious Poaching Ship Detained in Thailand

A well-known, but elusive poaching vessel, is now anchored, detained off an island near the Thai resort of Phuket.

Thai Supreme Court Allows Criminal Case Against Former PM

If found guilty, ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra could be jailed for up to a decade.

Video In Japan, First Lady Push "Let Girls Learn" Initiative

United States First Lady Michelle Obama is meeting leaders of Japan, where she is touting an initiative aimed at helping girls in developing countries finish their education.

Japan Supports US-Led Girls Education Effort, Faces Gender Gap

First lady Michelle Obama is in Tokyo to promote girls education initiative to help the 62 million girls in developing world who are not in school.

Video First Lady Michelle Obama Arrives in Japan

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has arrived in Japan for a three-day visit meant to highlight her global women's education initiative. VOA Khmer's Ly Moryvan reports.

18 March 2015

US First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Japan, Cambodia

Trip widely seen as making up for not visiting with president last year, and announcing partnership between US, Japan on Let Girls Learn initiative.

Video Annual Haze Affects Health, Economy in Chiang Mai

Air quality is a problem every year caused by excessive field-burning in the region during the dry season - though this year’s smoke arrived early.

17 March 2015

Michelle Obama to Promote Girls’ Education During Asia Trip

First Lady says Peace Corps will play key role in her 'Let Girls Learn' campaign.

Video Global Teacher Prize Goes to Teacher in US

An English teacher from rural Maine in the United States won the one million US dollars Global Teacher Prize.

16 March 2015

Video US-South Korean Military Drills Send Message to the North

Exercises may appear to increase tensions in the region, but some analysts think they actually keep the peace by projecting military strength.

14 March 2015

Thailand Hopeful Interest Rate Cut Will Boost Economy

Move comes as military government hopes to spur growth, increase exports with more spending on infrastructure.

Chinese Makers Roll Out Wave of Apple Watch Lookalikes

One vendor sells “Apple Smart Watch with Bluetooth Bracelet,” starting from 288 yuan ($45).

North Korea Test Fires 7 Surface-to-Air Missiles

Seoul says missiles were launched from North Korea's western coast late Thursday and landed in waters off eastern coast.

13 March 2015

Report Accuses North Korea of Exporting Slave Labor

South Korea’s foreign ministry estimates North Korea has dispatched about 50,000 laborers to 40 countries, generating about $2 billion a year for country.

12 March 2015

US Concerned About Russian Use of Vietnam Base

Embassy official says US wants Hanoi to ensure base at Cam Ranh Bay is not utilized by Russian military 'to conduct activities that could raise tensions in the region'.

Four Years After Fukushima Meltdown, Japan’s Nuclear Reactors Remain Offline

Prime Minister Abe vowed this week to come up with a new-five year plan to rebuild the Pacific coastal region that was ravaged by the tsunami.

10 March 2015

Multimedia Apple Unveils New Smartwatch, Other Items

Apple Watch is first brand-new device company is launching without founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011

Report on Missing Malaysia Plane Finds Nothing Alarming

Apart from anomaly of expired battery for plane's underwater locator beacon, detailed report describes in minutiae complete normality of flight that disappeared year ago

07 March 2015

Multimedia Photos Show Large Security Presence at Tibetan Festival

Images show hundreds of heavily armed police officers surrounding worshipers gathered at Kumbum monastery in Xining, Qinghai province.

Debate Over Genetically Engineered ‘Golden Rice’ Heats Up

While supporters applaud rice strain's ability to tackle vitamin A deficiency, critics insist more research is needed before it's ready for consumption.

Malaysia: 'Back to Drawing Board' if MH370 Not Found by June

Civil aviation department circulates copies of interim investigation of missing flight on first anniversary of disappearance.

Video Malaysia Airlines, One Year Later: Similar Disappearance Could Happen Again

Most agree better technology is needed that can provide real-time data tracking, more stringent global standards -- and more pilots who are professional aviators, not monitors.

Concerns Grow About Lack of Election Preparations in Myanmar

Seven embassies including US, EU call for government to engage all stakeholders long before vote to ensure 'credible, transparent and inclusive election'.

Thailand’s Junta a Bad Role Model for Asean, Scholar Says

Myanmar, Cambodia, and even communist Laos, can use them to point out the risks of democratization and the benefits of a more authoritarian regime, he said.

06 March 2015

Mob Lynches Rape Suspect in India

Police say thousands of people stormed a high security prison and dragged out a rape suspect before beating him to death in the remote state of Nagaland.

S. Korea: US Ambassador's Attacker Could Face Murder Charge

Police raid home of Kim Ki-jong, focus on possible ties to North Korea after stabbing that left US Ambassador Mark Lippert with 80 stitches.

Photogallery Motive Unknown in Attack on US South Korea Ambassador

Lippert, 42, underwent two-and-a-half hours of surgery after he was slashed in the face and wrist by a knife-wielding Korean nationalist in Seoul.

Refugees Arrested on Nauru as Tensions Build

About 400 people have been released from an Australian-run detention camp on Nauru to live in the community after being given refugee visas by the Nauruan government.

05 March 2015

Vietnam Pushes for More Educated Drivers to Curb Road Deaths

Transportation officials hope that making a greater effort to get drivers to learn the rules of the road will reduce fatal crashes.

UNHCR Expresses Concern Over Forced Deportations

A total 45 known Montagnards—an ethnic minority in Vietnam that claims persecution there—have been arrested and deported since December.

US Ambassador to Seoul Receives 80 Stitches After Knife Attack

Mark Lippert tweeted that he is in good spirits after undergoing surgery to repair deep cuts to his face, hand after ultra-nationalist attacked him moments before speech.

Video One Year Later, Answers Elude Families of Missing Malaysian Airliner

It has been nearly one year since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, becoming one of the world's biggest airline mysteries.

04 March 2015

Philippines Economy Strong, But Foreign Investment Lags

Government says services, agriculture, construction and manufacturing sectors drive most of growth, and will focus on challenges to foreign investment.

Multimedia Myanmar's Men and Women Stick to Tradition When Stepping Out

As Myanmar’s political and economic opening brings affordable western fashions to the masses, will the country’s unique fashion trends endure?

India Blocks Controversial BBC Rape Documentary

One of six men who raped student, who later died, tells filmmaker 'a girl is far more responsible for rape than a man'; New Delhi condemns rapist's comments that victim was responsible.

Interest in Equestrian Sports Surges in China

Lifestyle associated with horses has become new status symbol among small but growing group of mainland Chinese.

Smog Documentary Goes Viral in China

Video by former state media investigative journalist about smog’s health impact comes days before country hosts top level meetings in Beijing.

Answers Elude Families of MH370 Passengers

Months of searching for plane over more than one million square kilometer area of southern Indian Ocean has failed to turn up even a life vest

Vietnam Media Draws Ire for Not Probing Ex-party Chief's Riches

Photo published online last month and later removed showed Nong Duc Manh sitting in lavish home, on golden throne-like chair

03 March 2015

Money-Laundering Watchdog Calls On North Korea to Fulfill Pledge

Paris-based group remains concerned by failure to address 'significant deficiencies in its anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism regime'.

Myanmar Police Trap Student Protesters in Monastery

Riot police blocks hundreds of students protesters inside monastery to prevent them from continuing march to Yangon despite government warnings for them to stop while parliament considers changes to law.

Video Ancient Cambodians Used Jars to Keep the Remains of the Dead

Around 600 years ago, the people living in the remote Cardamom Mountains in southern Cambodia placed the bones of their dead in large jars on steep ledges hidden deep in the jungle.

02 March 2015

China Boosting Aid to South Pacific

Researchers say an influx of Chinese companies and migrants has caused tensions with islander communities.

North Korea Fires Rockets in Protest of US-South Korea Drills

North Korea has long demanded that Washington and Seoul stop the annual military drills.

Koreas at Odds Over Wages at Joint Kaesong Complex

North unilaterally announces wage hike for its workers employed by South Korean firms; Seoul says that's not allowable.

01 March 2015

3 Arrested During Anti-China Rally in Hong Kong

Protesters in Hong Kong's New Territories are angered by so-called parallel traders, who buy goods in Hong Kong to sell at a profit across border in mainland China.

March 2015


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Cambodia Inaugurates Memorial for Genocide Victimsi
26 March 2015
On Thursday a memorial was unveiled in Phnom Penh to the thousands of men, women and children who were brought to Cambodia's notorious S-21 prison between 1975 and 1979, where they were tortured and then executed by Pol Pot's murderous regime. Although many have welcomed the memorial, one aspect of it has proven controversial. Robert Carmichael reports for VOA from Phnom Penh.

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