Khmer Rouge

Tribunal Prosecutor Wants Forced Marriage, Rape Added to Fourth Case

Nicholas Koumjian, the international prosecutor at the court, said in a statement Thursday his office has reviewed evidence of forced marriages of up to 80 couples, as well as rapes that took place before executions.

24 April 2014
A trial of Case 004, which is still under investigation at the court, would require three indictments of former Khmer Rouge commanders, and critics say it may never see full trial. More

39 Years After Rise of Khmer Rouge, Hope for a Trial’s End

On this day in 1975, the Khmer Rouge overran the capital and began a mass exodus of the cities, pushing people into labor camps and work collectives.

Scope of Trial Set for Two Khmer Rouge Leaders

The scope will include Tuol Sleng prison, known to the Khmer Rouge as S-21, the 1 January Dam Worksite, and the Trak Kok cooperative.

Norway Pledges $1 Million to Tribunal

The contribution is only a small part of the $60.5 million needed by the court to continue operating.

Aging Khmer Rouge Leaders Still Fit to Stand Trial, Assessment Says

The assessments by court doctors, obtained by VOA Khmer, are the result of medical inspections earlier this month.

Tribunal Refuses Request for Trial Delay

The Trial Chamber of the UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal has refused a request from defendant Khieu Samphan to have the next phase of his atrocity crimes trial delayed.

New Budget Approved, Not Funded, for Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Donors approved the $60.5 million budget this week, but tribunal officials say they now need the budget to be funded.

Video Oscars Overview and Cambodian Americans Find Healing Through Oscar-Nominated Film

Almost 40 years after the communist Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and embarked on a four-year reign of terror and genocide, many of those who survived are finally able to talk about it. Elizabeth Lee reports from Long Beach, California, home to the largest Cambodian community outside Cambodia.

Survey Indicates Tribunal Needs Renewed Support

A survey recently completed by the US-based Open Society Justice Initiative showed that support of the court by Cambodians is slipping.

Video Cambodian Americans Find Healing Through Oscar-Nominated Film

Oscar nomination for 'The Missing Picture' was a first for a Cambodian film.

Without More Indictments, Tribunal Lawyers Face Difficulties

Cases 003 and 004 have been strongly opposed by top government officials and would require more indictments of former Khmer Rouge leaders to continue.

US University Prepares for Forum on Cambodian ‘Crossroads’

Topics for discussion at the three-day conference include Cambodia’s current political climate, the Khmer Rouge tribunal, and the country’s art, media and culture.

Video Disappointment in Phnom Penh as Italian Film Wins Oscar

Despite not winning its own Oscar, “The Missing Picture’s” nomination was a historic first for Cambodians.

Tribunal Lacks Funding for Victims Reparations, Officials Say

The court “lacks funding” for 13 separate reparation requests by victims, Hang Vannak, head of the Victim Support Section of the court, said in a statement Tuesday.

30 Years Later, Reporter Reflects on ‘The Killing Fields’

On the 30th anniversary of the film, Schanberg told VOA Khmer the film has over the years reached the right audience: the Cambodian people.

Tribunal Orders Health Checks for Two Aging Khmer Rouge Leaders

The Trial Chamber of the UN-backed court ordered physicians to check on Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan, with a hearing to be held March 28.

Video ‘Missing Picture’ Draws Large Washington Crowd

Oscar-nominated “The Missing Picture,” a film by Rithy Panh, was screened along with the other four other competitors this past weekend at the National Geographic Museum in Washington.

Arguments Open as Tribunal Considers Next Phase of Khmer Rouge Trial

The tribunal is facing mounting pressure to wrap up the case, as international funding for the court, which began in 2006, dwindles.

Audio Q&A: Traveling the Cambodian Genocide with Noah Lederman

Noah Lederman's latest e-book is informative both for travelers and for readers who want a sense of what Cambodians endured and how life there remains affected.

Analysts: UN-Cambodia Trial Agreement Positive Step

UN-backed court has faced ongoing financial woes in recent months as it seeks to conclude initial trial of two aging Khmer Rouge leaders.

Separate Parties Put Scope of Tribunal in Conflict

The UN-backed court is currently planning the second phase of a two-part trial for leader Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan—the only two defendants left in custody—for later this year.

US Group Plans To File Against Hun Sen at International Court

In testimony before the UN Human Rights Council last week, Mak Sambath, vice chairman of Cambodia’s Human Rights Committee, denied government involvement in the tribunal.

UN, Cambodia Reaffirm Support for Khmer Rouge Tribunal

The UN-backed court has faced ongoing financial woes in recent months, as it seeks to conclude the trial of two aging Khmer Rouge leaders.

UN Delegation To Discuss Tribunal Financing

Cambodia has provided nearly $3.5 million for the national side of the court for 2014 and 2015, but Long Panhavuth said international donors need to put in more money.

New Book Critiques Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Delays at the court, which has had just one successful trial since its 2006 inception, meant that some suspects and defendants died before trials were complete.

Concern Grows Over Delay in Tribunal Case for Aging Leaders

The court is currently preparing for the second stage of an atrocity crimes trial against aging leaders Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan, but critics of the court worry the two men will die in detention without seeing a verdict.

Video At Least Four Protesters Killed in Clash With Armed Forces ​​​

At Least Four Protesters Killed in Clash With Armed Forces ​​​ Reports from Cambodia say four people have died and more have been wounded after Cambodian armed forces opened fire on a demonstration in Phnom Penh where garment workers are calling for higher wages. Ker Yann has this report.

Tribunal Working Quickly on Next Trial, Spokesman Says

The UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal has yet to set a date for a new round of atrocity crimes trials, but a spokesman for the court says it is working as fast as possible to resolve procedural issues.

Tribunal Moves Toward More Trial of Two Leaders

Tribunal spokesman Lars Olsen said the call for filings demonstrations the case is “moving ahead.”

Prosecutors Fear Increasing Delays at Tribunal

Prosecutors at the UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal on Monday reiterated calls for a speedy second phase in a trial against two former leaders of the regime.

Lawyers Appointed for Two Suspects in Controversial Tribunal Case

According to court documents, the two suspects in Case 004 are Ta Tith, Ta An, and Im Chaem, former Khmer Rouge regional commanders who are currently living in Cambodia.

Prosecutors Issue List of Potential Witnesses to Tribunal

The confidential list names those who would confront the leaders, Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan, who are facing charges of atrocity crimes, including genocide, for their roles within the Khmer Rouge.

Prosecutors Seek Wide Scope in Impending Tribunal Case

Former Khmer Rouge leaders Khieu Samphan, left, and Nuon Chea, right, look on during the funeral for Khieu Ponnary, the first wife of Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot, in 2003, file photo.

Prosecutor Pushes for Resumption of Khmer Rouge Trial

More discussions on how to proceed with the second phase of Case 002 will continue on Thursday.

Group Pushes for More Investigations, Indictments at Tribunal

A group of ethnic minorities has filed with the Khmer Rouge tribunal, in hopes that more indictments will come from the UN-backed court.

Prosecutors Urge Speedy Verdict in Trial of Aging Leaders

Following the last of closing remarks on Thursday, prosecutors said they want to see a verdict in the atrocities crimes trial of Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan by the middle of next year.

Video Khmer Rouge Ex-Leaders Give Final Statements at War Crimes Tribunal

The Khmer Rouge's former number two leader denied charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in his final statement at a United Nations-backed tribunal Thursday. Nuon Chea told the Phnom Penh court he never instructed any of his communist cadres to commit crimes. Although he expressed his "deepest remorse" for the victims of the Khmer Rouge, the 87-year-old insisted he was carrying out his duty to serve his country and never told any of his communist cadres to commit crimes.​ Kong Sothanarith, Phnom Penh.

Khmer Rouge Ex-Leaders Give Final Statements at War Crimes Tribunal

Prosecutors are seeking life in prison for both men, who deny the charges and say they were not aware of the atrocities that took place.

Cambodian Tribunal Ends First Trial in Key Khmer Rouge Case

Lawyers for the defendants have portrayed the case against them as a show trial with a predetermined outcome.

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