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Khmer Rouge

Unclaimed Urns Moved To Shelves, Search for Families Continues

Over 100 cremation urns are seen in this public vault at Wat Lanka in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, Sunday, February 1, 2015. The urns are believed to have been left from Cambodia’s chaotic war period of the 1970s and have yet to be picked up by surviving loved ones. The monks have made public the vault of urns, in hopes of helping people claim them. (Courtesy of Documentation Center of Cambodia)

18 February 2015
Some 500 urns are now listed, with dates from 1970 to 1990. More

Witness Describes US Role in Khmer Rouge Politics

This phase of the trial is wide reaching, and will in part help many Cambodians understand the history and workings of the secretive regime.

At Tribunal, American Witness Describes 1978 Khmer Rouge

Elizabeth Becker told the court Monday she was not allowed to walk around and had to be escorted in a car.

Former Post Correspondent To Testify at Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Becker was one of the few journalists allowed into Cambodia following the takeover of the Khmer Rouge.

"The Substance of Actions" by Youk Chhang

Chhang Youk, the executive director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, has for many years helped documented the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and has been key to the functioning of the Khmer Rouge tribunal. This is an essay he wrote recently to mark international Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Cremation Urns from Khmer Rouge Period Go Unclaimed

The monks at the pagoda have made public the vault of urns, in hopes of helping people claim them.

Survivor Describes Torture Methods of Khmer Rouge

Keo Chan Dara said Khmer Rouge cadre brought three women, naked, before a dozen other prisons, made them sit on the ground, wounded their faces—nose, ears, cheeks, lips—with pliers, then poured acid into the wounds.

Video Cambodia Reduces Western Influence, Tilts Towards Local

Cambodia tilts towards China and its acceptance of more and more Chinese aid helps the impoverished nation to reduce influence of international donors who had sought to push Cambodia towards more democratic form of governance.

Witness Describes Forced Marriage Under Khmer Rouge

Chean Srey Mom’s testimony is part of the second and final phase of an atrocity crimes trial against Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan.

Witness Describes Forced Marriage, Rape and Killings by Khmer Rouge

Chou Kim Lorn, a Khmer Rouge survivor from Takeo province, said she had witnessed at least 30 couples in marriages arranged by the Khmer Rouge.

Aging Defendants Fit To Stand Trial, Tribunal Doctors Say

Nuon Chea’s health remains unchanged, and Khieu Samphan’s examination shows “nothing” that would prevent his ability to continue hearings, the doctor told the court.

Witness Continues To Describe Crimes at Khmer Rouge Prison

Meas Sokha says he had witnessed Khmer Rouge soldiers killing babies by hitting them against tree trunks, after killing their mothers.

Japan Pledges $1.4 Million for Tribunal

Japan is the largest donor to the court, having provided $82 million, about 36 percent of funding, so far.

Book Examines Duch’s Trial and Its Effect on Victims

The book describes the trial of Kaing Kek Iev, the supervisor of Tuol Sleng prison better known as Comrade Duch, who was found guilty by the UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal in 2012.

New Book on Khmer Rouge Jungle Redoubt Out This Month

Dy Khamboly is the senior researcher at the center and the co-author of the book. He said the book aims to be the starting point for former Khmer Rouge cadres and their victims to better understand one another.

Campaign Aims To Bring Cambodian Rockers to New York

The film chronicles the golden age of Cambodian rock, before the country fell to the Khmer Rouge, which killed many musicians.

Khieu Samphan Sent To Hospital, as Tribunal Hearings Resume

Hearings Thursday included testimony from a witness at the Kraing Tachann security center, where an estimated 15,000 died.

On Contentious Holiday, Ruling Party Admonishes Opposition

The holiday is particularly contentious, because it also marks the beginning of a decade-long occupation by Vietnamese forces.

Video Short Film Explores Importance of Closure

“Hope for the Future,” a new film by the Documentation Center of Cambodia, tells the story of Sek Say, a young girl who lost both parents to the Khmer Rouge.

Journalist Wants To Testify at Tribunal

A tribunal spokesman said the Supreme Court will determine whether Thet Sambath will testify or not, based on the law.

Research Institute Taps Deep Traditions in its Name

Chhang Youk, director of the Sleuk Rith Institute, said he named his research institute after the material in an effort to promote better understanding of Cambodia’s identity, culture and history.

Khmer Rouge Prison Survivor Remains Disappointed in Tribunal

Sum Rithy was accused of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency—a common charge among Khmer Rouge—in the 1970s and imprisoned in Siem Reap.

Tribunal Orders New Defense for Recalcitrant Khieu Samphan

The Khmer Rouge tribunal has ordered the appointments of two defense attorneys to represent jailed leader Khieu Samphan and break through an ongoing boycott of proceedings.

Tribunal Hearings Postponed Until January

Khieu Samphan has refused to participate in the second phase of an atrocity crimes trial against him and fellow leader Nuon Chea.

UN Chief Says Two Controversial Tribunal Cases Moving Forward

The tribunal’s international investigating judge is examining more than 10 crime sites for Case 003 and some 55 crime scenarios for Case 004.

Khieu Samphan’s Boycott Unchanged, Despite Court Warning

Defense lawyer Kong Sam Onn told VOA Khmer his client had met with court officials from the Defense Support Section and told them “that his stance is not changed.”

Tribunal Considers Reassigning Defense for Khieu Samphan

The second and final phase of the trial against Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea are widely viewed as the court’s most important case.

Hun Sen, UN Leader Meet on Sidelines of Summit

Prime Minister Hun Sen met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the sideline of an Asean summit in Myanmar this wee, where they briefly discussed the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Sleuk Rith Institute Designed for Justice and Healing

Sleuk Rith will be the only institute in Asia dedicated to the study of genocide.

Nuon Chea Says He Won’t Accept a Change in Lawyers

Nuon Chea’s current defense team has been boycotting hearings against him since last week.

Khmer Rouge Defense Teams Warned Against Continuing Boycott

The tribunal is in the midst of starting the second and final phase of a trial of Nuon Chea, the regime’s chief ideologue, and Khieu Samphan, its nominal head of state.

Hearings for Khmer Rouge Suspended as Defense Boycotts

In a statement, the court said the defense had “abandoned the courtroom” during a hearing last week, and it ordered them to appear at a trial management meeting on Tuesday.

Cambodian Author Examines Extreme Militarism

Nhem Boraden said that while it could be called a failed state, and one without a civilian structure, the Khmer Rouge regime had all the elements of a modern military.

Defense Teams Continue Boycott of Khmer Rouge Trial

More meetings are to be held this week, leading up to another hearing session on Oct. 27.

Video Defense Teams Leave Khmer Rouge Tribunal Hearing

Defense lawyers for Khmer Rouge leaders Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan boycotted an opening hearing for the two men on Friday, leaving the courtroom and putting the second and final phase of the trial for the two men in limbo.

Video The Trial of Two Top Khmer Rouge Leaders Continues​

The trial of two former Khmer Rouge leaders resumed on Friday. They were accused of genocide. Nuon Chea, 88 and Khieu Saphan, 83, were convicted in August on charges of crimes against humanity and sentenced to life in prison.

Defense Teams Leave Khmer Rouge Tribunal Hearing

It remains unclear what will happen next with the hearing, which was to begin a trial of atrocity crimes for the two men, including, for the first time, genocide.

Tribunal Meeting Overlooks Major Set-Backs

There was no discussion of a lack of movement on two cases—Nos. 003 and 004—at the court, nor a discussion of at least one potential defendant’s refusal to answer a court summons.

Video As Tribunal Continues, More Calls for Funding

Cambodian and UN officials say they still need more funding to continue the work of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, despite waning interest from some donors.

As Tribunal Continues, More Calls for Funding

Cambodian and UN officials say they still need more funding to continue the work of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, despite waning interest from some donors.

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