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UNHCR Expresses Concern Over Forced Deportations

Ethnic Montagnards look from behind the gates of their temporary UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and IOM (International Organization for Migration) administered quarters in Phnom Penh, file photo.

05 March 2015
A total 45 known Montagnards—an ethnic minority in Vietnam that claims persecution there—have been arrested and deported since December. More

Supreme Court To Decide on Detention of Opposition Supporter

Supporters say Meach Sovannara is being held for political purposes and for his support of the Cambodia National Rescue Party.

Despite Law, Domestic Violence Remains a Major Problem

Domestic violence remains a prevalent problem in post-war Cambodia, with more than 20 percent of men reportedly committing physical violence against women, according to the rights group Licadho.

13 Montagnards Recommended for Refugee Status; 36 Deported

The 13, including one woman, had fled to the jungles of remote Ratanakkiri province late last year and were brought to Phnom Penh with the support of the UN High Commission for Refugees.

Photogallery Photographer Captures Cambodia’s Rapid Changes

The book, Transitioning Cambodia, is ‘a historical documentation’ of contemporary change in Cambodia. Photographer Nicholas Axelrod is a founding member of Ruom, a visual journalist collective in Cambodia.

Cambodian Province Deports 4 Montagnards Back to Vietnam

Thousands of Montagnards fled to Cambodia in 2001 and 2003, but many were rounded up and returned to Vietnam.

Video Lao Dam Project Flows Into Opposition

A Lao dam project on a section of the Mekong River is drawing opposition from local fishermen, international environmental groups and neighboring countries. VOA's Say Mony visited the region to investigate the concerns.

In Cambodia, Dozens of Montagnard Asylum-seekers Remain in Hiding

In recent months dozens of ethnic minority Montagnard people from Vietnam have crossed border into Cambodia complaining of harassment by Vietnamese authorities.

Rights Group Reports Threefold ‘Surge’ in Land Dispute Filings

In a statement issued Thursday, the group said more than 10,000 families, or nearly 50,000 individuals, had registered land conflicts with their office.

No Response From King in Case of Embattled Environmentalist

Alex Gonzalez-Davidson has been requested to leave by Cambodian authorities, who have seized his passport and say they will not renew his visa, which expires Friday

Parliamentary Committee To Investigate Illegal Logging

Global Witness has reported a major timber operation by the Try Pheap Group, which belongs to a powerful businessman of the same name.

Forest Activist Should ‘Leave’ Before He’s Expelled, Official Says

Alex Gonzalez-Davidson, head of the Mother Nature activist group, will see his visa expire on Feb. 20

Environmentalist Faces Deportation by Interior Ministry

Alex Gonzalez-Davidson, director of Mother Nature, told VOA Khmer in an interview that the Ministry of Interior has confiscated his passport and is refusing to issue a visa renewal.

Beverage Companies Wary of ‘Blood Sugar’ in Supply Chain

Representatives from Coca-Cola and Pepsi both said in emails to VOA Khmer that they are not aware of sugar in their supply chain supplied by rights violators.

Video Rights Expert Pessimistic About Cambodia's Reform Prospects

A prominent human rights expert says that the ruling Cambodian People's Party’s recent move to add people from the security forces into its Central Committee creates “a huge conflict of national interest.”

Cambodia Among Countries With a Concerning Decline in Freedoms

Freedom House says Cambodia is part of a growing, worrying trend worldwide.

Video Author Predicts ‘Evolutionary’ Shedding of Cambodia’s Old Politics

Cambodia’s political system will likely undergo a period of gradual evolution toward more inclusiveness before it can reach an eventual transition of power, Sebastian Strangio, author of “Hun Sen’s Cambodia,” says.

Montagnards Hunted by Dogs, Rights Worker Says

UN officials have urged Cambodia to abide by international conventions and give the asylum seekers fair hearings.

Rights Group Criticizes Australia’s Detention of Child Asylum Seekers

The number of children held by Australia has fallen sharply since the conservatives came to power in September 2013.

Four Montagnard Asylum Seekers Now in Safehouse in Capital

A local rights worker told VOA Khmer in an interview that the four asylum seekers were under the care of an undisclosed NGO.

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Ancient Cambodians Used Jars to Keep the Remains of the Deadi
02 March 2015
Around 600 years ago, the people living in the remote Cardamom Mountains in southern Cambodia placed the bones of their dead in large jars on steep ledges hidden deep in the jungle. Ten years after discovering a large grave site full of jars, researchers are still baffled as to why ancient Cambodians used jars in this way. AP reports from Koh Kong province, Cambodia.

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