Poor Nutrition Costing Cambodia Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Students at En Komar Primary School in Kampong Thom province have receive breakfast on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. The breakfasts are part of a World Food Program initiative that aims to feed 3.5 million students by 2016.

05 March 2015
Maternal and child malnutrition cost the country nearly $90 million a year while stunted growth and anemia cost the country nearly $130 million. More

WHO: Treaty Making Inroads in Global Tobacco Epidemic

World Health Organization says it is celebrating a number of successes in reducing tobacco use during the past 10 years.

'Smart' Syringes Stop Spread of Life-Threatening Infections

To combat problem, WHO launches initiative to promote so-called “smart” syringes that cannot be used more than once.

Resistant Strain of Malaria Spreads Across Myanmar, Nears India

One expert warns that if artemisinin resistance 'spreads through India to Africa, we risk seeing many millions of deaths'.

Experts: Drug Resistance Thwarts Chances to Eradicate Malaria

Options are running out in the race to eliminate malaria before the parasite develops resistance to the current treatment.

Poverty Reduction a Mixed Success, as Countryside Rates Remain High

The poverty line is defined as an intake of 2,200 calories of food per day, or an income of $1 per day in rural areas and $1.50 per day in urban areas.

VOA, USAID Discuss Importance of Media in Global Health

The panel was organized by the Voice of America and USAID, in an effort to advance health policy worldwide.

"The Substance of Actions" by Youk Chhang

Chhang Youk, the executive director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, has for many years helped documented the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and has been key to the functioning of the Khmer Rouge tribunal. This is an essay he wrote recently to mark international Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Cambodia Lags Behind Many UN Development Goals

Cambodia has managed to improve its economy, but its education, women’s empowerment, child and mother health, and environmental sustainability are all lagging behind.

Thailand Defends Care for Children in Controversial Surrogacy Case

At least 15 babies were allegedly fathered by a wealthy 24-year-old Japanese businessman, Mitsutoki Shigeta

Video Cambodian Government Says HIV Outbreak Linked to Needle Reuse

Health experts in Cambodia were alarmed when a cluster of villagers living near the country's second largest city, Battambang, tested positive for HIV in December.

Video HIV Outbreak Linked to Infected Needles

In total, 1,940 people in Roka commune had their blood tested in the last month; 212 tested positive for the virus, health officials said Monday.

Video Cambodian Government Says HIV Outbreak Linked to Needle Reuse

Health experts in Cambodia were alarmed when a cluster of villagers living near the country’s second largest city, Battambang, tested positive for HIV in December. Some 212 people there are now known to have contracted the virus. The government blames an unlicensed medic who was allegedly reusing ne

Video Cambodian Youth Selling Kidney Expresses Deep Remorse​

This tiny one room house in Phnom Penh is home to Chhay and nine of his relatives. Inside the 18 years old is trying to recover from something he describes as a massive mistake. Two years ago, he was talked into doing something he deeply regrets - selling one of his kidney for 3000 dollars. (AFP)

Man Charged for Causing HIV Outbreak in Patients

The 140 cases have been confirmed HIV positive by the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh.

110 Test Positive for HIV in Cambodian Village

The villagers tested positive for HIV-1, the most common and pathogenic strain of the deadly virus.

Cambodia Investigates Health Clinic in Village HIV Outbreak

Authorities say they fear the repeated use of an infected needle could be causing the devastating outbreak in northwestern Battambang province.

Children Among Infected in Village Outbreak of HIV

A local health clinic in Rokar village, Battambang province, is now under investigation, after nearly 800 people were tested for the virus.

At Least 82 People in Small Village Found HIV Positive

At least 82 people have tested positive for HIV in the village of Rokar, Battambang province, which has only 2,000 people in it.

Drug Trafficking Operations Smaller, Harder To Find, Police Say

Police have recorded 93 different drug trafficking cases in the last three months.

Ebola Death Toll Near 7,000, WHO Says

Large number of previously unreported deaths contribute to sharp rise in global total.

Video VOA EXCLUSIVE: Hotel in Guangzhou Serves as China’s Loose Ebola Quarantine

The hotel is still open for regular business, but at least several floors have been reserved for potential Ebola carriers, health workers, and Chinese security officials

Video Cambodia’s Elderly Face Increasing Hardships

More than 80 percent of country's 850,000 elderly never had formal employment and therefore do not qualify for a pension.

US Vows Sustained Ebola Response

Ambassador to UN says White House committed to reversing tide of deadly infections.

Cambodians in Washington Fundraise for Children’s Hospital

Cambodians in Washington raised more than $15,000 for the Kantha Bopha Hospital on Saturday, at an event sponsored by the Cambodian Embassy.

Study Finds Widespread Food Insecurity Among Factory Workers

The study comes as workers are demanding a minimum wage of $177 per month to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Cambodia Takes Measures To Detect Ebola Virus in Travelers

The measures are meant to screen for Ebola, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and avian influenza, all of which can be deadly for humans.

Phnom Penh Street Food: Delicious—and Dangerous

Street food is very popular in Phnom Penh, particularly among the city’s youth.

New Rise in HIV/AIDS Cases Among Young in Thailand

Infections are rising, especially among young people involved in the sex trade, injecting drugs and young men having unprotected sex with men.

Amid Food Safety Scares, China Retailer Offers Insurance for Baby Milk

Insurance policy says if a brand of milk powder is recalled, customers who bought cans from a Redbaby store or website will be reimbursed.

Video Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads in SE Asia

Parasite adapts resistance to treatment in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

Ebola Also Devastates Wild Ape Population

Spillover rate of diseases passing between humans and animals is increasing as the growing human population encroaches upon new habitats.

Questions Over Release of Kidney Trafficking Suspects

All nine were arrested Saturday and accused of trafficking organs from the Preah Ket Mealea Military Hospital.

Photogallery WHO Declares Ebola Outbreak a Global Health Emergency

WHO director Margaret Chan said the announcement is 'a clear call for international solidarity'.

Multimedia Ebola Death Toll Almost 900

World Health Organization says dozens of new fatalities reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone; 2nd case confirmed in Nigeria.

Video Mississippi Baby Research Opens A New Door For HIV Cure

“20-year old Maurice Williams is now willing to come forward with the truth. Born HIV-Positive, he kept his status secret all his life. If Maurice had been born today, his life might have turned out differently.

Video AIDS Activist Sees Understanding Growing in US

“In Washington D.C.’s gay African American community stigma and fear are keeping many from confronting the HIV/AIDS crisis. We follow Christian Paige Bass, a young gay HIV positive man, who had his own fears about seeking treatment, as he encourages other gay men in the city to seek health services

Asia on Alert for Ebola Outbreak

West Africa outbreak prompting authorities as far away as Asia to take preventive measures, although scientists say global spread of disease is unlikely.

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Ancient Cambodians Used Jars to Keep the Remains of the Deadi
02 March 2015
Around 600 years ago, the people living in the remote Cardamom Mountains in southern Cambodia placed the bones of their dead in large jars on steep ledges hidden deep in the jungle. Ten years after discovering a large grave site full of jars, researchers are still baffled as to why ancient Cambodians used jars in this way. AP reports from Koh Kong province, Cambodia.

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