A Sneaky Way to Put Bugs on the Menu

    A Sneaky Way to Put Bugs on the Menu

    15 April 2016
    Running out of cooking oil or need some dressing for you salad? The solution may be crickets from your backyard. Scientists are turning insects into a source of edible - and healthy - oil. VOA Khmer's Hong Chenda narrates. More

    Video Athletes Focus on Competition, Despite Olympic Worries

    The countdown is under way to the Summer Olympics, which will start on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro. VOA Khmer's Sreng Leakhena narrates.

    New Report Shows Hunger and Obesity Rising in Asia

    Economic growth has led to 'unhealthy products' being more available in rural areas and to poor and middle class families.

    Prime Minister Hun Sen Urges Doctors to Improve Their Attitude

    In his speech, Hun Sen pointed to the lack of specialized doctors in Cambodia, which he said was the reason many people go overseas for treatment.

    No HIV Outbreak in Kandal, Health Officials Say

    According to the statement, only four out of 279 people tested positive for the virus in Peam village in February.

    Cabinet Approves Ban on Public Smoking

    The ban, which includes penalties of up to $12 in fines, follows the January announcement from Prime Minister Hun Sen that he had finally quit smoking after 30 years.

    Photogallery Surviving on the Mat, and Thriving in the Real World

    Jiu jitsu—which was first brought to Cambodia about 20 years ago—is gaining more popularity in the country, especially among expatriates.

    Video Zika Efforts Focus on Surveillance, Response and Research

    The World Health Organization (WHO) says the best way to avoid infection with Zika virus is to prevent mosquito bites, as it may take some time to develop a vaccine. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

    Video Former Drug CEO Angers Lawmakers

    A former U.S. pharmaceutical business executive has angered lawmakers by refusing to explain why he raised the price of a life-saving pill by 5,000 percent. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

    Swine Flu Kills One Man in Reappearance of Virus

    The H1N1 virus has not appeared in Cambodia for several years, since 2009.

    Photogallery Authorities Face Prospect of Another Mass HIV Outbreak

    Health officials in Kandal province have set up a blood-testing campaign in Mok Kampoul district, after 14 villagers there were reportedly found HIV positive.

    Photogallery Health Officials Fear Fresh HIV Outbreak

    Cambodian health officials on Monday screened hundreds of villagers for HIV after 14 villagers living in Peam village, Kandal province, were tested positive for the virus, sparking fears of another outbreak. The officials found four more cases of people infected with HIV.

    Video Global Health Experts Warn Zika Could Spread Beyond Americas

    To date, 25 countries have reported locally-transmitted cases of the mosquito-borne Zika virus that has been linked to a medical condition causing severe birth defects. VOA Khmer's Chhim Sumedh narrates.

    Can Hun Sen Help Cambodia Quit Smoking?

    Tobacco, which causes cancer of the lungs and other forms of the deadly disease, is a serious health problem in Cambodia.

    Cambodia Struggling to Stem the Spread of Drug Resistant Malaria

    The WHO has adopted a policy to eliminate malaria entirely from the countries in the Greater Mekong sub-region by 2030 and has pledged $3 billion for Cambodia, Thailand and Laos to that end.

    Video Southeast Asia Braces for Zika Virus

    Zika virus had been limited to rare cases in human populations in Africa and Asia until unprecedented outbreak on island in southwestern Pacific in 2007.

    In Long Beach, Health Is Foremost on the Minds of Many Voters

    Members of the community in Long Beach have struggled with mental health issues, many related to the trauma of Cambodia’s past.

    Heart Attack Symptoms Must Be Treated as an Emergency, Doctors Say

    To prevent heart attacks in the first place, doctors recommend keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels low, through exercise or medicine.

    Researchers: Malaria Treatment Fails in Cambodia Due to Drug Resistance

    Drug piperaquine, used in combination with the drug artemisinin, has been main form of malaria treatment in Cambodia since 2008.

    Mystery Surrounds North Korean Deaths in Phnom Penh

    Authorities have released few details about the deaths, and would not confirm reports of a further two deaths of North Koreans, who were admitted to the hospital.

    Video Scientists: Malaysian Deforestation Driving Spike in Malaria Strain

    Most likely explanation is humans are coming in contact with forest inhabited by macaque varieties that normally host disease, plus mosquitoes that transmit it.

    Thailand Marks National Day Amid Concerns for King's Health

    Thailand Saturday celebrated national day and the birthday of its king, Bhumipol Adulyadej, with tributes and ceremonies.

    Experts Divided on Sentencing in HIV Outbreak Case

    Yem Chroeum was found guilty of running an illegal clinic and, according to the verdict, “intentionally causing HIV transmission to other people,” through the reuse of dirty syringes and needles.

    Doctor Who Caused Mass HIV Outbreak Sentenced to 25 Years

    Yem Chroeum, 55, was accused of reusing needles and syringes on patients in his unlicensed clinic, spreading the virus.

    UN: AIDS Deaths Among Young Asians Doubles in Decade

    Enormous strides have been made in adult population, but parental consent laws hinder testing for youths and contribute to 'hidden epidemic,' experts say.

    Weekly Dance Lessons Help Long Beach Cambodians With Mental Health

    Some 60,000 Cambodians in Long Beach remain plagued by post-traumatic stress, depression and other mental health issues.

    Video 'Antibiotic Apocalypse’ a Step Closer, Scientists Warn

    Concerns grow after discovery of bacteria in China that have developed resisistance to all known antibiotic medicines.

    Despite Health Risks, Processed Meats Remain a Main Course

    A recent report from the World Health Organization says that processed meats can increase the odds of cancer.

    Anniversary Held for Nonprofit Behind Children’s Hospital

    The Angkor Hospital for Children has more than 500 staff, who provide free treatment to children, 1.4 million of them so far.

    For Many Cambodian-Americans, Poor Mental Health Means Chronic Disease

    Cambodians in the US have twice the rate of type-2 diabetes, seven times the rate of depression, and fifteen times the rate of PTSD than the standard US population.

    Study Shows Drug-Resistant Malaria Could Spread to Africa

    Parasite could undo at least a decade's worth of work to eliminate the malaria — if it spreads to Africa.

    Southeast Asian Residents in Connecticut Meet To Discuss Healthcare Needs

    Around 150 Cambodian, Lao and Vietnamese met with members of the Southeast Asian American Health Coalition and Khmer Health Advocates, describing what they need in a proper healthcare system.

    Video Doctor Settles, Heals in Florida, Following Journey from Cambodia

    For over 25 years, Dr. Taing Tek Hong, a Cambodian-American medical physician in Jacksonville, Florida, has volunteered his time each month as a health expert on our popular ‘Hello VOA’ radio call-in show.

    Health Authorities Remain on Alert for MERS

    The virus, first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012, has no cure or vaccine.

    Cambodian Peacekeeper in Mali Dead from Malaria

    Suon Sambo, 32, was hospitalized in Senegal earlier this month, but he succumbed to the disease on Monday, officials said.

    Study: Africans Near Dams 4 Times More Likely to Get Malaria

    Researchers say more than 1M people in sub-Saharan Africa will contract malaria this year because they live near dams.

    Dengue Fever Kills 8 More

    The total number of dengue infections has risen to nearly 7,000, up from around 2,000 last year.

    Tech Designer Hopes To Create Better Data System for Hospitals

    Programmer Kong Divin recently returned from a trip to the US, where he won second place in a Microsoft Office context in Texas.

    In Crowded Capital, Recreational Bicycling Gains in Popularity

    More people are using bikes to get around the city and on weekends cyclists can be seen on the outskirts of town.

    40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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    Cambodia Laying Tracks for Transport Futurei
    29 April 2016
    After more than a decade, Cambodia's railway service has resumed passenger services from the capital, Phnom Penh, to the beach resort town of Sihanoukville. VOA Khmer's Sou Pichchinda narrates.

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