Cambodian Royal Turtle Nearly Extinct, Less Than 10 in Wild

    FILE - Wildlife Conservation Society Field Veterinarian Martin Gilbert from Britain holds an extremely rare Cambodian 'royal' turtle at his house in Phnom Penh on July 21,2005.

    27 April 2016
    The Royal Turtle, also known as Southern River terrapinis, is one of the world's 25 most endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles. More

    Punishing Heat Wave Sets Records Across Asia

    Cambodia saw a national all-time record high of 42.6°C set in Preah Vihea province on April 15.

    Video Film Director About Chut Wutty Said Her Film Should Not be Banned

    Documentary film, I AM CHUT WUTTY, was banned from screening at Meta House Wednesday by Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. However, the film director said her film shouldn’t be banned because it showed the good image of Cambodia and it didn’t blame anyone. The documentary was banned because it was filmed and planned to screen in the country without permission, according to spokesman for Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Thai Norak Satya who told VOA in a phone interview. However, in a video interview with VOA Khmer on Wednesday, Fran Lambrick, director of I AM CHUT WUTTY said the government should allow the film because it showed a Cambodian hero to fight deforestation. Vannarin Neou, Phnom Penh.

    Cambodian Forestry Campaigner Awarded 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize

    He dedicated the award to his countrymen who are fighting to preserve Cambodia’s remaining forests in the face of rampant illegal logging and damaging government policies.

    Video Stunning IMAX Cinematography Celebrates Natural Wonder of U.S. Parks

    One hundred years ago, some of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes in America were at risk of being destroyed by ranchers, developers and loggers. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

    Study: Asia at Risk for Serious Water Shortages

    According to the United Nations, the global demand for water is expected to rise by 400 percent by 2050.

    Mekong Drought Worsens Amid Doubts Over Lao Promises

    Up to 70 million people live a hand-to-mouth existence along the banks of the Mekong River, including many indigenous tribes.

    Thanks—and Caution—as China Releases Water From Mekong Dam

    In January and February alone, Jinghong power station in Yunnan province released 2.3 billion cubic meters of water.

    Empowering Women in Cambodia’s Farming Sector

    Some 75 percent of Cambodia’s women are employed in agriculture, according to the World Bank.

    Market for Organic Products on the Upswing

    A growing number of consumers is becoming more health conscious about eating.

    Video Two-thirds of World Faces Water Shortage

    Four billion people or two out of every three on the planet do not have enough water to meet their basic needs. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

    Environmental Activist Tried, But Verdict Delayed

    Ven Vorn has been detained since October 2015, in what rights advocates say has been delayed adjudication.

    Cambodia Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change, Says Official

    Recent years have already seen hotter weather and more irregular rainfall in Cambodia, which is predicted to be badly hit when global temperatures change further.

    Concern Over Decline of Cambodia’s Honeybees

    The combs and honey are rich sources of food, and their wax is used in pagodas and places without electricity.

    Video 4 Billion People Lack Fresh Water

    Number far higher than previous reports show; scarcity fueled by population growth, consumption habits and demands from agriculture

    Activists Want Laos Dam on Agenda for ASEAN-Obama Meeting

    Some 6 million people could be affected by the dam, including people living not just on the Mekong, but on the Tonle Sap River, as well.

    Put Don Sahong Dam on U.S.-ASEAN Agenda, Say Campaigners

    Civil society groups are calling for Laos’ Don Sahong hydropower dam project to be discussed when Southeast Asian leaders meet with U.S. President Barack Obama next week.

    Photogallery January 2016 Snowstorm in Washington: Day 1

    Intrepid Voice of America journalists braved strong winds and blowing snow to photograph the early hours of a massive storm that threatens to dump near-record amounts of snow on Washington.

    Hun Sen Announces Commission to Crack Down on Illegal Logging

    Hun Sen announced the commission at the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers Friday, where he also warned he would begin demoting officials found colluding with timber smugglers.

    Agricultural Experts Say Cambodia Would Benefit From Organic Certifications

    Cambodian farmers are increasingly growing organic rice and vegetables in some places, but there is no official certification available.

    Late Rains Credited for Rising Salt Production

    Salt farmers in Kampot and Kep provinces say that production almost doubled this year as the annual rains arrived late, causing droughts in parts of Cambodia.

    Organic Farmers Look to Expand Production

    According to CEDAC, about 250 farmers have begun growing organic vegetables in four provinces—Takeo, Kompong Speu, Kompong Chhnang and Siem Reap.

    Hun Sen Slams Activists Opposing Hydropower Dams

    His remarks came during the inauguration of a dam located on the Tatay river in Koh Kong province’s Thma Baing district.

    City Hall Searching for New Dump Sites

    The old dump site has about 3 million tons of trash, filling 31 hectares of land. It was filled in just six years.

    Video Farmers and Fishermen See Climate Change Worries

    In the Kampong Phluk fishing village on the Tonle Sap lake, home to thousands of families in Siem Reap province, fishermen say their catch this year has been too poor to live on.

    Laos Could Act as ‘Land Link’ in Integrated Asean

    Officials say the land-locked country can serve as a model for connectivity, helping the region focus on the development gap between the rich and poor countries of Asean.

    Farmers and Fishermen Warily Eye Changes to Climate

    Fishermen say their catch this year has been too poor to live on.

    Hun Sen Calls for Asean Cooperation in Times of Disaster

    Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday called on Asean member states to work together on cross-border rescues of citizens in the wake of natural or man-made disasters.

    Video Cambodia’s Indigenous Groups Suffer Under Climate Change, Deforestation​

    In the remote province of Ratanakiri, in northeastern Cambodia, deforestation and climate change are taking a heavy toll on communities.

    Video Geography Makes Bangladesh Especially Susceptible to Climate Change

    Because of its geography, a low-lying coastal country at the mouth of a major river system, Bangladesh suffers disproportionately from the effects of global climate change. VOA Khmer's Sreng Leakhena narrates.

    Cambodia’s Indigenous Groups Suffer Under Climate Change, Deforestation

    More than 80 percent of Cambodia’s population relies on agriculture, a major economic pillar of the country.

    Report Calls Cambodia ‘Deadliest’ Country for Environmental Reporting

    Reporters Without Border (RSF) said four of the murders took place in Cambodia, where the group alleged “disgraceful impunity” for perpetrators.

    China Releases New Report on Climate Change

    900 page paper titled 'The Third National Climate Change Assessment Report' details serious consequences global warming will have on China.

    Researchers: Tibetan Glacial Melt Threatens Billions

    Chinese scientists say Tibetan Plateau, the 'roof of the world,' may soon lose most of its glacier and permafrost, dramatically affecting Asia's water supply.

    Ban Urges 'Decisive Turning Point' at Climate Summit

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told world leaders gathered Monday in Paris that their major climate summit 'must mark a decisive turning point' toward low emissions, climate resilient future.

    Video Changing Climate Has Major Impacts for Under-Prepared Cambodia

    Cambodia is ranked one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. Many of its people rely on agriculture, and the changes to the country’s climate, whether more droughts or more floods, makes them particularly vulnerable.

    Video Optimism on Climate Crisis Heads to Paris

    Despite the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, heads of state from nearly 80 countries are heading to the French capital (November 30) for a two-week meeting to craft a new global agreement to cut climate-changing emissions. VOA Khmer's Chhim Sumedh narrates.

    UN Warns Air Pollution in Asia Pacific Has Rising Cost

    Globally some seven million people a year die prematurely due to indoor and outdoor pollution with about 70 per cent of those deaths in region.

    Leadership on Climate Change Could Help US Efforts in Asia, Experts Say

    Countries in the Asia-Pacific will be particularly vulnerable to climate change, particularly extreme weather.

    Video World Leaders Strive For Universal Climate Deal

    Officials from around the world are actively preparing for the two-week United Nations Climate Change Conference in France next month, hoping to reach a universal legally binding agreement on limiting carbon emissions, after two decades of negotiations. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

    40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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    Cambodia Laying Tracks for Transport Futurei
    29 April 2016
    After more than a decade, Cambodia's railway service has resumed passenger services from the capital, Phnom Penh, to the beach resort town of Sihanoukville. VOA Khmer's Sou Pichchinda narrates.

    English with Mani & Mori

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    Save Face (Movie: Just Go With It)i
    03 November 2014
    You can say, "I can't believe he's not accepting responsibility for his mistakes. To 'save face' he continues to make excuses for himself." What does it mean? Watch here. For more videos - go to www.youtube.com/KhmerSpecialEnglish or www.khmer.voanews.com/maniandmori. To contact Mani & Mori - write to them at maniandmori@gmail.com.

    Video Save Face (Movie: Just Go With It)

    You can say, "I can't believe he's not accepting responsibility for his mistakes. To 'save face' he continues to make excuses for himself." What does it mean? Watch here. For more videos - go to youtube.com/KhmerSpecialEnglish. To contact Mani & Mori - write to them at maniandmori@gmail.com.

    Video You've Got To Be Kidding (Movie: Bedtime Stories)

    You can say, "What? You lost your passport? So, you're stranded in a foreign country, where you don't speak the language and you don't know anyone? You've got to be kidding me, right?" What does it mean? Watch here. For more videos - go to youtube.com/KhmerSpecialEnglish.

    Video All Thumbs (Movie: Minority Report)

    You can say, "I was 'all thumbs' this morning when trying to tie this tie - I kept making mistakes and just couldn't figure a way to pull it together." What does it mean? Watch here.

    Video Carry Out (Movie: Jane Eyre)

    You can say, "He has many strong qualities as a leader and under his leadership I think he will successfully 'carry out' the new mission and vision for this company." What does it mean? Watch here. For more videos - go to youtube.com/KhmerSpecialEnglish.

    Video A Wake Up Call (Movie: Limitless)

    You can say, "The visit to the doctor was definitely 'a wake up call' for him. The heavy drinking, smoking, and partying every night needs to stop." What does it mean? For more videos - go to www.youtube.com/KhmerSpecialEnglish. To contact Mani & Mori - write to them at maniandmori@gmail.com.
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