Smog Documentary Goes Viral in China

FILE - Commuters wearing masks make their way amid a thick morning haze in Beijing.

04 March 2015
Video by former state media investigative journalist about smog’s health impact comes days before country hosts top level meetings in Beijing. More

Activist Advises Vigilance Over the Areng Valley

Alex Gonzalez-Davidson says he holds little hope the government will refrain from building a hydroelectric dam in the Areng Valley of Koh Kong province.

Photogallery Photographer Captures Cambodia’s Rapid Changes

The book, Transitioning Cambodia, is ‘a historical documentation’ of contemporary change in Cambodia. Photographer Nicholas Axelrod is a founding member of Ruom, a visual journalist collective in Cambodia.

Singapore Air Pollution Poses Foreign Policy Dilemma

Pollution from fires in nearby countries raise question: What rights does a nation have when other countries make decisions that harm it?

Video Critics Fear Effects of Laotian Dam Project

Laos wants dam for economic development, but fishermen, civil society groups, communities in countries all along Mekong River oppose project.

Video Lao Dam Project Flows Into Opposition

A Lao dam project on a section of the Mekong River is drawing opposition from local fishermen, international environmental groups and neighboring countries. VOA's Say Mony visited the region to investigate the concerns.

No Response From King in Case of Embattled Environmentalist

Alex Gonzalez-Davidson has been requested to leave by Cambodian authorities, who have seized his passport and say they will not renew his visa, which expires Friday

Parliamentary Committee To Investigate Illegal Logging

Global Witness has reported a major timber operation by the Try Pheap Group, which belongs to a powerful businessman of the same name.

Photogallery Laos Split Over Mekong River Dam Construction

Locals try to weigh positives of development with concerns about environmental degradation.

Confront Climate Change or Lose Development, Expert Says

Eight separate ministries and government agencies have prepared plans to deal with climate change, according to the Environment Ministry.

Forest Activist Should ‘Leave’ Before He’s Expelled, Official Says

Alex Gonzalez-Davidson, head of the Mother Nature activist group, will see his visa expire on Feb. 20

Photogallery The Don Sahong Area

The Laos government has been sharply rebuked by regional governments and environmentalists for ignoring their concerns and pressing ahead with plans to construct yet another dam on the Mekong River. In southern Laos’ Don Det, local communities share many of those concerns, but not everybody is against the dam at nearby Don Sahong.

Environmentalist Faces Deportation by Interior Ministry

Alex Gonzalez-Davidson, director of Mother Nature, told VOA Khmer in an interview that the Ministry of Interior has confiscated his passport and is refusing to issue a visa renewal.

More Timber Licensing Would Be Catastrophic for Forest, Group Warns

“The forest in Cambodia is gradually declining because the government gives the economic concession license to private companies,” Ouch Leng told “Hello VOA” Tuesday.

Laos Faces Pressure to Stall Decision on Lower Mekong River Dam

Environmentalists and neighboring countries worry project could damage ecological system crucial for feeding millions of people in Southeast Asia.

Video With Prince Ranariddh Back into Limelight, CPP Appears Stronger, Analyst Says

With Prime Minister Hun Sen holding on to power for 30 years, the region will have a new leader where those who want to stay long in power can turn to for a lesson, analyst says.

Group Names Tycoon as Destroyer of Cambodian Forests

The environmental watchdog Global Witness has issued a new report, naming Cambodian business tycoon Try Pheap as a leading force behind the destruction of the country’s forests.

Growing Pains, as Capital Keeps Expanding

Phnom Penh is one of the fastest-growing cities in Southeast Asia.

Video Cambodia Reduces Western Influence, Tilts Towards Local

Cambodia tilts towards China and its acceptance of more and more Chinese aid helps the impoverished nation to reduce influence of international donors who had sought to push Cambodia towards more democratic form of governance.

Malaysian Developer Defends Laos Dam Project

VOA Khmer’s Say Mony interviewed Mega First Corporation’s senior environmental manager, Peter Hawkins, during a field visit to the project site in December.

Video Raising Frogs in Rice Fields Generates More Incomes and Crops for Farmers

Frogs are a natural, organic alternative to pesticides for farmers in Cambodia fighting against the insects ravening their fragile rice seedlings.

Video The Impact of Hydro Dams in Tibet, an Interview With Michael Buckley

Massive Chinese developments inside Tibet, including hydro-power dams and large scale mining projects, are sparking concerns of major environmental degradation in the region.

Video Cyclo May Not be Around for Much Longer Without Support

The cyclo is an icon of Cambodia, one that may not be around for much longer as modern forms of transport push the bicycle rickshaw, into history. ​Despite the challenge, the cyclo's veteran drivers - most of them old men from the countryside - are determined to keep pedaling on. AP/Phnom Penh

Video Author Explains Tibet’s River Crisis

Losang Gyatso, head of the Tibetan language service, speaks with author Michael Buckley, describing recent environmental issues on Tibet’s rivers, some of which feed the Mekong River.

Lao Official Defends Don Sahong Dam

Lao officials say they have done what they can to allay concerns of downstream countries over the dam, which environmental groups warn could have devastating impacts on the Mekong River’s fish and communities that rely on them.

Officials Downplay Continued Loss of Forest Cover

Cambodian agriculture and forestry officials are downplaying new maps and a study from a US university that show widespread devastation to Cambodia’s forest cover.

Photogallery India Battles Challenge of Shrinking Habitat for Big Cat

In effort to protect tigers, authorities have launched a program to relocate villages in sprawling habitat

Video Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre Helps Local Poor Generate Income

Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre near Siem Reap is home to the largest butterfly centre in Southeast Asia. As well as showcasing the country's abundance of butterfly species, the centre also trains poor local farmers to make extra money by raising butterflies.

Citizen Groups Call for UN Probe and Scrapping of Two Mekong Dam Projects

Rights groups want Cambodia to scrap two controversial dams on grounds they will profoundly damage people’s lives, livelihoods and environment

Documentary Tackles Concerns Over Mekong Dams

Produced by journalist Tom Fawthrop, the film, “The Great Gamble on the Mekong: Are we Killing the Mekong Dam by Dam?” looks closely at the impact of the controversial dam.

Tsunami Memorial Ceremonies Can't Hide Misgivings About Future Disaster Readiness

Ceremonies in southern Thailand marking the 10th anniversary of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami brought together hundreds of Thais, foreigners and dignitaries.

Southeast Asia's Rubber Farmers Hope for Rebound

Prices have been falling below production costs, due partly to decrease in rubber imports by China, other countries

Video Hunting for Wild Honey in Cambodia's Forests

Cambodia is thought to produce the best wild honey in Southeast Asia, mainly due to its climate and topography.

Parties Polarized After Consultation on Laos' Don Sahong Dam

Planned dams along Mekong river have drawn scrutiny from environmentalists, who worry about impact on migratory fish and water flow.

Mekong Countries Voice Major Concerns Over Laos Dam

A public consultation organized by the Mekong River Commission opened in Pakse, Laos, Friday, where opponents continued to call for Laos to reconsider a controversial dam project.

Deal Reached at UN Climate Talks

Countries to submit national plans on dealing with climate change ahead of next December's summit in Paris.

Environmentalists Skeptical Ahead of Laos Meeting on Hydropower Dam

Project is one of a series of planned dams in the Mekong River Basin that environmentalists say could harm an ecosystem critical for feeding millions of people in Southeast Asia

"On Rights Day, Consider Those Still Fighting" by Kalyanee Mam

To commemorate this day and this collective protest, I would like to honor the indigenous women warriors of Areng Valley, who are speaking out and fighting to protect their land from the construction of a controversial dam.

Video On Rights Day, Consider Those Still Fighting

Award-winning filmmaker Kalyanee Mam submitted an essay to VOA Khmer to mark International Human Rights Day. It is accompanied by a short film she produced looking at the lives of the women of the Areng Valley, who oppose a proposed hydroelectric dam there they say endangers their way of life.

Photogallery Mekong Fishermen Want Laos Dam Better Studied

The Mekong River Commission will hold a regional public consultation on Dec. 12 to discuss the project and hear objections.

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Ancient Cambodians Used Jars to Keep the Remains of the Deadi
02 March 2015
Around 600 years ago, the people living in the remote Cardamom Mountains in southern Cambodia placed the bones of their dead in large jars on steep ledges hidden deep in the jungle. Ten years after discovering a large grave site full of jars, researchers are still baffled as to why ancient Cambodians used jars in this way. AP reports from Koh Kong province, Cambodia.

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