Economic Growth Could Slow as Workers Migrate

Cambodian migrant workers get off from a Thai truck upon their arrival from Thailand at Cambodia-Thai international border gate in Poipet, Cambodia, Tuesday, June 17, 2014. The number of Cambodians who have returned home from Thailand this month after a threatened crackdown on foreigners working illegally has topped 160,000, a Cambodian official said Monday. Thai officials insist the cross-border movement is voluntary and is not forced repatriation. They say Thai military and government resources were used to transport workers who decided to return home after being laid off because they were working illegally. (AP Photo/Heng Sinith)

25 March 2015
An estimated 800,000 Cambodian workers migrated to Thailand in search of jobs this year alone. More

Chinese Bank an Opportunity for Aid Reform, Fulbright Scholar Says

Sok Vanseka said Cambodia’s effective use of any future funding from the new bank would largely depend on its own political will.

Cambodia in Race To Catch Up, as Asean Moves To Integrate

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, meanwhile, will have until 2018 to enjoy preferred statuses, as they race to catch up to the rest of the region.

Video Obama’s Visit Could Have Lasting Effects, Officials Say

Cambodian officials said over the weekend they hope her visit will also shine a positive light on the country and encourage more visitors to come.

Video Cambodians Hopeful Obama Visit Will Boost Education for Girls

Cambodians say they are hopeful the visit of US First Lady Michelle Obama will make a positive difference in the educational future of their girls.

Video Obama Leaves With Words of Encouragement for Girls

Following First Lady Michelle Obama’s three-day visit to Cambodia to promote her “Let Girl Learn” initiative, Cambodian officials say they hope for positive changes in girls’ education.

Video First Lady Michelle Obama Shares Her Story in Education with Girls in Cambodia

First Lady Michelle Obama is on her three-day visit in Cambodia to promote girls’ education.

Video A Land Victim Lost Land And Leg

Indigenous communities in Ratanakiri province say the government’s economic land concession policy is taking away their land and traditional way of life.

Continued Growth Not Reaching Poor, Economist Says

Cambodia’s economy is likely to continue to grow at a fast pace, but an economist says that will widen the gap between rich and poor.

As Election Reform Continues, Varied Interest Among Citizens

Many residents in Phnom Penh interviewed this week said they were not sure what was happening with the reform.

Bill Gates Maintains Lead of World's Billionaires

Billionaire philanthropist keep his spot as world's richest man, a rank he has held for 16 of the past 21 years, Forbes magazine said Monday.

Video One Year Later, Answers Elude Families of Missing Malaysian Airliner

It has been nearly one year since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, becoming one of the world's biggest airline mysteries.

High Number of Migrant Workers Create Political, Economic Challenges

In June and July last year, some 200,000 Cambodian migrant workers were either expelled from Thailand or left in the wake of political unrest and a crackdown on foreign workers.

Photogallery Photographer Captures Cambodia’s Rapid Changes

The book, Transitioning Cambodia, is ‘a historical documentation’ of contemporary change in Cambodia. Photographer Nicholas Axelrod is a founding member of Ruom, a visual journalist collective in Cambodia.

Video Lao Dam Project Flows Into Opposition

A Lao dam project on a section of the Mekong River is drawing opposition from local fishermen, international environmental groups and neighboring countries. VOA's Say Mony visited the region to investigate the concerns.

Photogallery Photographer Captures Cambodia’s Rapid Changes

Axelrod says the building boom during the past seven years has not benefited all segments of society, especially those from poor communities often evicted from desired real estate.

Beverage Companies Wary of ‘Blood Sugar’ in Supply Chain

Representatives from Coca-Cola and Pepsi both said in emails to VOA Khmer that they are not aware of sugar in their supply chain supplied by rights violators.

Video US Job Gains Accelerate in January, But Unemployment Rises to 5.7 Percent

U.S. companies beat expectation in the government's latest jobs report - hiring 257 thousand workers in January. The Labor Department also raised job gains in the previous two months by an additional 150 thousand jobs. VOA Khmer's Ker Yann narrates.

Poverty Reduction a Mixed Success, as Countryside Rates Remain High

The poverty line is defined as an intake of 2,200 calories of food per day, or an income of $1 per day in rural areas and $1.50 per day in urban areas.

Video With Prince Ranariddh Back into Limelight, CPP Appears Stronger, Analyst Says

With Prime Minister Hun Sen holding on to power for 30 years, the region will have a new leader where those who want to stay long in power can turn to for a lesson, analyst says.

Growing Pains, as Capital Keeps Expanding

Phnom Penh is one of the fastest-growing cities in Southeast Asia.

Video Cambodia Reduces Western Influence, Tilts Towards Local

Cambodia tilts towards China and its acceptance of more and more Chinese aid helps the impoverished nation to reduce influence of international donors who had sought to push Cambodia towards more democratic form of governance.

Video Obama Address Focuses on Economic Rebound, Lifting the Middle Class​​

President Barack Obama took his arguments to the American public in his State of the Union address, focusing on a surging economy and his plans to strengthen the middle class.

Video Raising Frogs in Rice Fields Generates More Incomes and Crops for Farmers

Frogs are a natural, organic alternative to pesticides for farmers in Cambodia fighting against the insects ravening their fragile rice seedlings.

Video The Impact of Hydro Dams in Tibet, an Interview With Michael Buckley

Massive Chinese developments inside Tibet, including hydro-power dams and large scale mining projects, are sparking concerns of major environmental degradation in the region.

Video Cyclo May Not be Around for Much Longer Without Support

The cyclo is an icon of Cambodia, one that may not be around for much longer as modern forms of transport push the bicycle rickshaw, into history. ​Despite the challenge, the cyclo's veteran drivers - most of them old men from the countryside - are determined to keep pedaling on. AP/Phnom Penh

Sinking OIl Prices Cut Both Ways for China

Analysts say as long as slide continues, risks and challenges that Beijing faces could mount

Video Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre Helps Local Poor Generate Income

Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre near Siem Reap is home to the largest butterfly centre in Southeast Asia. As well as showcasing the country's abundance of butterfly species, the centre also trains poor local farmers to make extra money by raising butterflies.

Small Victory, High Price for Garment Unions

The labor movement won a small victory in wage disputes, earning a raise in the minimum wage from $100 per month to $128, but it has cost them much.

Video Kerry Seeks Stronger U.S.-India Trade Ties

Secretary of State John Kerry says he is convinced that if the United States and India work together, the two countries can help forge a "new era of shared possibility" that could benefit millions of people in India and across Asia.

Garment Brands Say They Support the Minimum Wage

The positive responses come after an appeal from the International Labor Organization earlier this month, calling on global brands to help support the higher wages.

Video Cambodia Coconuts - How One Company Is Cracking The Coconut Craze

Cracking open a fresh coconut for a drink has long been a popular refreshment in Cambodia. Now the coconuts are being upscaled, and one company is employing women from one of the country's poorest communities to make oil and other items from coconuts. AP/Cambodia, Kompot.

Few Workers Satisfied, as Small Wage Increase Takes Effect

The compromised wage increase, to $128 per month, is far short of the $177 unions had asked for, but it is nearly 30 percent more than workers had been making.

Vietnamese Businesses Study 'Innovation' to Move Ahead

A group of Vietnamese economists have devised a survey which measures how innovative businesses are and how they value innovation.

A Year After Deadly Cambodia Protest, Families Await Answers

Families of garment workers killed by police in January 2014 unrest struggle to survive, seek justice

Tsunami Memorial Ceremonies Can't Hide Misgivings About Future Disaster Readiness

Ceremonies in southern Thailand marking the 10th anniversary of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami brought together hundreds of Thais, foreigners and dignitaries.

Falling Oil Prices Pinch Vietnam's Economy, Tourism

National budget relies on oil profits for key slice of spending; also, usual Russian visitors are tightening belts, staying away

Video Cambodian Youth Selling Kidney Expresses Deep Remorse​

This tiny one room house in Phnom Penh is home to Chhay and nine of his relatives. Inside the 18 years old is trying to recover from something he describes as a massive mistake. Two years ago, he was talked into doing something he deeply regrets - selling one of his kidney for 3000 dollars. (AFP)

As Partnership With China Grows, So Too Concerns

In November, Prime Minister Hun Sen attended a summit there, where China pledged more aid to help develop the economy—about $500 million per year.

Video Hunting for Wild Honey in Cambodia's Forests

Cambodia is thought to produce the best wild honey in Southeast Asia, mainly due to its climate and topography.

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Cambodia Inaugurates Memorial for Genocide Victimsi
26 March 2015
On Thursday a memorial was unveiled in Phnom Penh to the thousands of men, women and children who were brought to Cambodia's notorious S-21 prison between 1975 and 1979, where they were tortured and then executed by Pol Pot's murderous regime. Although many have welcomed the memorial, one aspect of it has proven controversial. Robert Carmichael reports for VOA from Phnom Penh.

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