China, Cambodia Aim to Further Boost Trade to $5 Billion

    Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi, front left, waves as he arrives with Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hor Namhong, front right, for their meeting at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016. (How Hwee Young/Pool Photo via AP)

    04 February 2016
    China also aims to boost the livelihood of Cambodians living in remote areas and provide scholarships for Cambodian university students. More

    Global Union Calls for Accountability in Supply Chains

    The International Trade Union Confederation said that 166 million workers make up a “hidden workforce” earning trillions of dollars for big companies.

    Analysts Urge Caution in Trans-Pacific Partnership With US

    It is unclear exactly how Cambodia would benefit from the trade deal, which lowers tariffs on agricultural and industrial goods between its adherents.

    Traffic Tickets Bringing Revenue and Transparency, Officials Say

    About 70 percent of those fines have come from traffic checkpoints, according to the ministries of Interior and Finance.

    The ‘Hidden Workforce’ Making Profits for Multinationals

    A recent report from the International Trade Union Confederation reveals that 50 of the world’s largest companies depend on a “hidden workforce” to provide 94 percent of the labor from which they profit.

    More Trade Among Discussions With US Secretary of State

    The main purpose of Kerry’s visit was to discuss an upcoming US-Asean meeting in California next month, which will include a lot of discussion on trade.

    Hun Sen Foresees Rise in Demand for Cambodian Rice

    Hun Sen had asked that Cambodia be producing 1 million tons of rice for export by 2015, but the country is meeting only half that goal.

    Video US Secretary of State Visits Amid Ongoing Political Tension, Rights Concerns

    While the constitution calls for Cambodia to remain neutral in foreign affairs, Cambodia has stronger ties with China than it does with the US, due in part to China’s no-strings aid and investment in recent years.

    Slow Global Economy Hurting Cambodia’s Growth, Economist Says

    While Cambodia is again expected to post a high annual growth rate of around 7 percent this year, it is starting to feel the pinch of a slowing global economy.

    Cambodian Women Face Major Economic Challenges

    Of Cambodia’s 15 million people, 3 million are poor and 8.1 million are near-poor.

    ‘Skills Gap’ Remains an Impediment to Growth, New Report Says

    Cambodia must tackle the skills gap to boost the productivity of its labor force in order to grow its economy, according to the latest report.

    Exports Through Port Rise Nearly 10 Percent From 2014

    The number of ships coming through the port rose 17 percent year to year, and cruise ships rose from 25 to 36.

    Outside Siem Reap Town, Poverty Remains a Daily Reality

    Cambodia earns nearly $60 million in ticket sales from Angkor Wat each year, from nearly 2 million visitors.

    Assembly Approves Buy-In to Chinese-Led Development Bank

    The Assembly approved the initiative to join the Chinese-run development bank, which will provide loans to Asian-Pacific countries, much like the Asian Development Bank.

    World’s Illicit Economy Rapidly Expanding, Research Finds

    The illicit economy grew from $650 billion in 2011 to $1.77 trillion in 2015, according to the World Economic Forum.

    Labor Leaders Fear Union Law Will Pass Without Meaningful Changes

    Cambodia has around 1,000 active unions, most representing some 700,000 workers in the garment and textile manufacturing sector.

    Agricultural Experts Say Cambodia Would Benefit From Organic Certifications

    Cambodian farmers are increasingly growing organic rice and vegetables in some places, but there is no official certification available.

    Late Rains Credited for Rising Salt Production

    Salt farmers in Kampot and Kep provinces say that production almost doubled this year as the annual rains arrived late, causing droughts in parts of Cambodia.

    Organic Farmers Look to Expand Production

    According to CEDAC, about 250 farmers have begun growing organic vegetables in four provinces—Takeo, Kompong Speu, Kompong Chhnang and Siem Reap.

    Risks Remain Despite Cambodia’s Robust Growth: IMF Representative

    According the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Cambodia’s economy has grown by 7.0 percent during 2015.

    Major Labor Protest Under Way in Industrial Zone Near Vietnam

    The protests began Wednesday, last week, after an announcement that the minimum wage would be raised from $128 per month to $140 per month.

    Video Farmers and Fishermen See Climate Change Worries

    In the Kampong Phluk fishing village on the Tonle Sap lake, home to thousands of families in Siem Reap province, fishermen say their catch this year has been too poor to live on.

    No Oil Production Until Prices Rise, Experts Say

    With the low price of oil across international markets, and with the government failing to make deals with companies, it could be years before production occurs.

    Video 211,000 US Jobs Added in November Enough for Rate Hike, Say Analysts

    The U.S. economy exceeded expectations with employers adding 211,000 jobs in November. VOA Khmer's Sreng Leakhena narrates.

    Small Businesses Help Cambodia’s Growth, Entrepreneur Says

    As of 2011, there are estimated 530,000 SMEs in Cambodia, but many lack access to capital to build strong and innovative businesses.

    Cambodia Fails To Meet Rice Export Goals

    Hun Sen set out that challenge several years ago, but the country’s infrastructure and quality control have hampered rice exports.

    Union Leaders Request Meeting With Lawmakers

    About 1,000 unions are active for workers rights, in a sector that employs up to 700,000 people.

    Video Changing Climate Has Major Impacts for Under-Prepared Cambodia

    Cambodia is ranked one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. Many of its people rely on agriculture, and the changes to the country’s climate, whether more droughts or more floods, makes them particularly vulnerable.

    ASEAN Creates 'Community' Encompassing 600+ Million People

    Summit host, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, hails establishment of community 'as a landmark achievement' more than a dozen years after concept was first proposed

    For Some Women, Sex Work Is a Choice, Not a Matter of Trafficking

    To conservative Cambodians, sex workers are defying traditional values.

    As Asean Moves Toward Integration, How Will Cambodia Fare?

    Experts fear that Cambodia will not be competitive with its Southeast Asian neighbors, as a free flow of goods and services between the 10 Asean members ensues.

    Hun Sen To Join Regional Summits in Malaysia

    Hun Sen has expressed a desire to improve Cambodia’s image abroad, but the country’s deep poverty, political divisions and human rights abuses make that a tough case.

    Video Changing Climate Has Major Impacts for Under-Prepared Cambodia

    Cambodia will participate the global summit on climate change in Paris this December. World leaders will meet to find ways to curb climate change, much of which is the responsibility of developed countries, but with can severely impact poorer countries.

    Cambodian Competitiveness Ranks Low in Global Market

    According to the World Economic Forum 2015, Cambodia was ranked 95th in competitiveness, surpassing only Myanmar among countries in Asean.

    With Higher Wages Come Questions of Workers’ Productivity

    Cambodia’s garment sector is a major economic driver in the country, earning some $3 billion from exports in the first half of 2015.

    Cambodia Pins Economic Hopes on AEC

    Cambodians expect 'seamless transition' when ASEAN Economic Community is launched in two months and hopefully heralds second investment wave.

    Video Mobile Money Providing Cheaper, Safer Transactions in Cambodia

    This transaction is a monthly ritual among Cambodia’s 600,000 garment workers whose modest contributions help support the livelihoods of their families in the poorer rural areas.

    Asean Trade Ties Could Help Keep the Peace in South China Sea

    The United States has been emphasizing the importance of freedom of navigation, fearing that China’s efforts to expand its territory could eventually become a barrier to trade.

    Commerce Minister Seeks More Ideas on Rice Export

    Cambodia has a goal set by Prime Minister Hun Sen to export 1 million tons of rice each year.

    First Chief of China-led Asia Bank Dismisses Western Concerns

    Jin Liqun, president-designate of the controversial AIIB bank promises to build “21st-century governance” at the new bank.

    40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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