Economist Says Asean Likely To Miss Key Deadlines for Integration

Cambodian government security forces walk in front of the Council of Ministers building as they patrol along a street ahead of the 21st ASEAN Summit and other related summits in Phnom Penh, file photo.

23 April 2014
All 10 members of Asean are trying to streamline economic policies that would allow for workers and goods to move freely among them. More

Union Leader in West Seeking Release of Jailed Activists

Rong Chhun told VOA Khmer Tuesday the US is a major market for garments produced in Cambodia and a major donor to Cambodia.

Video Crimean Crisis Has Economic Impact, Analyst Says

Duch Darin, an economics professor in Florida, says the Russian annexation of Crimea and ongoing threats to stability in Eastern Europe will affect the European economy, and that in turn will hurt the US.

World Bank Estimates Small Drop in Economic Growth

Cambodia’s economic growth for 2014 will drop to 7.2 percent, a slight dip from last year, the World Bank says in a recent report.

Video Cambodia's Floating Villages Face Uncertain Future

Cambodia's Floating Villages Face Uncertain Future

Unskilled Workers Have Little To Gain in Asean Integration

The 2015 Asean integration will allow skilled workers in member countries to work legally in other member states.

Crimean Crisis Has Economic Impact, Analyst Says

The ongoing crisis in the Crimea will have an effect on the US economy and geopolitics, a US-based economist says.

US Official Urges Strong Protection of Intellectual Property

Fake goods and pirated media cost companies billions of dollars each year, and are especially prevalent in Cambodia.

Video In US, Debate Grows Over Minimum Wage Raise

A US-based economists says Congress should indeed consider raising the minimum wage, as a way to promote better earnings, higher living standards and poverty reduction. In a Skype interview with VOA Duch Darin, an economist in the state of Florida, says a raise could help millions of American.

In US, Debate Grows Over Minimum Wage Raise

In the US, the debate is whether the national minimum wage should be raised from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour.

EU Delegation Discusses Trade Linked To Rights Abuses

Sugar plantations along the coast have been linked to land disputes, forced eviction and violence, making them potentially ineligible for preferential trade deals with Europe.

Report Calculates Major Drain of Corruption

Cambodia losses about 10 percent of GDP, or $1.7 billion annually, to corruption, according to a report release on Wednesday by International Labor Organization.

Despite Deadlock, Real Estate, Construction Continue Growth

Commercial real estate in the most expensive areas of Phnom Penh runs between $3,000 to $6,000 per square meter.

Unions Continue Quiet Strikes for Raise in Minimum Wage

Union leaders say they are moving forward with plans for continued strikes as they continue their efforts to raise the minimum wage for factory workers to $160 per month.

In World Bank Assessment, Economic Growth Exceeds Expectations

The main drivers were better rice prices and wages for farm workers and improved education, health and infrastructure, the bank said in its assessment.

Video Controversial Rice Scheme Risks Thai Ruling Party's Popularity

Party campaigned on subsidy plan, which analysts now say has become a spectacular failure.

Unions Want Wage Negotiations, Arrest of Shooters from January Violence

Representatives of nine unions met together have made seven resolutions to seek better conditions and wages for workers in Cambodia’s factories.

Video Families Want Justice for Slain Workers


No Government Meetings for International Trade Unions

Meanwhile, international buyers say they want improved conditions for workers, who should also be allowed to assembly and collectively bargain.

Video Sign Language Frees Cambodian Deaf From “Prison”

With no language, little understanding and hardly any external help, being deaf in Cambodia is like being locked in a prison.

Kuoy Tribe Says 7,000 Hectares Overrun by Chinese Companies

Members of the Kuoy hill tribe say they want the companies, Rui Feng and Lan Feng, to relinquish some 7,000 hectares of land that where granted by the government as part of 18,000 hectares in concessions.

Major Bank Audit Finds Financing for ‘Blood Sugar’ Operation

Local human rights workers say the Australian and New Zealand-backed bank ANZ Royal has been financing a sugar plantation connected to forced evictions and other rights violations.

Labor Leaders Say Negotiations Should Continue

Demonstrations turned violent on Jan. 2 and Jan. 3, ending in a shooting by police that left at least four people dead and nearly 40 injured.

Video Gibbons Conservation Attracts Tourists to Rattanakiri Province

Opportunities to see gibbons in the wild are extremely rare but now an eco-tourism initiative in Cambodia is offering tourists a chance to see them up close.

Video International Trade Federation Calls for Release of Arrested Workers

A federation of international trade unions from 161 countries is calling for the Cambodian government to release workers arrested in violent protests earlier this month.

International Retailers Want Negotiations in Labor Dispute

Garment exports account for some $5 billion annually, but workers say they cannot live on the current minimum wage of $80 per month.

Video Generational Gap in Cambodia's Political, Economic Unrest

Cambodia has banned anti-government demonstrators from holding protests after deadly clashes with police that left at least four people dead.

Major Brands Express Concern for Violence Against Striking Workers

Adidas, Gap, H&M, Levis and Puma were among those to sign the Jan. 7 letter.

Cambodian Garment Workers Vow to Continue Strike

Union leaders say workers will keep protesting low wages, despite violent crackdown by authorities and new threats from factories about relocation.

Video US Condemns Violence in Cambodia

US State Department has expressed its regret for the loss of life in Cambodia and condemned the use of violence in clashes between authority and workers.

Video Four Killed as Riot Police Fire on Demonstrators

At least four people were killed and 23 injured Friday in a violent crackdown on demonstrating workers in a factory neighborhood of Phnom Penh.

Video At Least Four Protesters Killed in Clash With Armed Forces ​​​

At Least Four Protesters Killed in Clash With Armed Forces ​​​ Reports from Cambodia say four people have died and more have been wounded after Cambodian armed forces opened fire on a demonstration in Phnom Penh where garment workers are calling for higher wages. Ker Yann has this report.

Video Labor Demonstrators Injured in Clash With Elite Military Unit

At least 15 monks and five other people were injured in a violent crackdown on striking workers Thursday.

Video Several Protesters Arrested and Many Injured

Cambodian troops armed with batons and rifles broke up a protest on Thursday by textile workers demanding a doubling of wages as part of a nation-wide strike by unions allies with the main opposition party. (Reuters)

Striking Workers Refuse Government Offer in Wage Dispute

Government officials say they are willing to raise the minimum wage from $80 to $100 per month, but union leaders say that is not enough to keep up with inflation.

Worker Demonstrations Enter Third Day

The protesters blocked a major road in the capital in front of the ministry, and many said they would not stop until their demands are met.

Negotiations Fail as Worker, Opposition Protests Continue

The worker protest coincided with yet another opposition rally at Freedom Park, in the center of Phnom Penh, where opposition protesters are calling for Prime Minister Hun Sen to step down.

Video Workers Add Their Numbers to Demonstrations

Thousands of workers demonstrated in Phnom Penh on Friday, joining with opposition protests that entered their 12th day.

Workers Add Their Numbers to Demonstrations

Thousands of workers demonstrated in Phnom Penh on Friday, joining with opposition protests that entered their 12th day.

Photogallery Traffic Death Toll Rising on Cambodian Roads

Though the death toll due to traffic accidents in Cambodia is on the rise, experts say it is still relatively low, compared to developed countries.

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Cambodia's Angkor Wat Joins Google's List of Online Tourist Sitesi
24 April 2014
Cambodian's ancient Angkor Wat has become the latest historical site to be digitally mapped by Google for armchair tourists to visit online. The site, which comprises hundreds of temples dating back to the 9th century joins the Taj Mahal and the Grand Canyon in Google's collection of iconic global destination. (Reuters)