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Raising Frogs in Rice Fields Generates More Incomes and Crops for Farmers

Raising Frogs in Rice Fields Generates More Incomes and Crops for Farmers

28 January 2015
Frogs are a natural, organic alternative to pesticides for farmers in Cambodia fighting against the insects ravening their fragile rice seedlings. More

Video The Impact of Hydro Dams in Tibet, an Interview With Michael Buckley

Massive Chinese developments inside Tibet, including hydro-power dams and large scale mining projects, are sparking concerns of major environmental degradation in the region.

Video Cyclo May Not be Around for Much Longer Without Support

The cyclo is an icon of Cambodia, one that may not be around for much longer as modern forms of transport push the bicycle rickshaw, into history. ​Despite the challenge, the cyclo's veteran drivers - most of them old men from the countryside - are determined to keep pedaling on. AP/Phnom Penh

Sinking OIl Prices Cut Both Ways for China

Analysts say as long as slide continues, risks and challenges that Beijing faces could mount

Video Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre Helps Local Poor Generate Income

Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre near Siem Reap is home to the largest butterfly centre in Southeast Asia. As well as showcasing the country's abundance of butterfly species, the centre also trains poor local farmers to make extra money by raising butterflies.

Small Victory, High Price for Garment Unions

The labor movement won a small victory in wage disputes, earning a raise in the minimum wage from $100 per month to $128, but it has cost them much.

Video Kerry Seeks Stronger U.S.-India Trade Ties

Secretary of State John Kerry says he is convinced that if the United States and India work together, the two countries can help forge a "new era of shared possibility" that could benefit millions of people in India and across Asia.

Garment Brands Say They Support the Minimum Wage

The positive responses come after an appeal from the International Labor Organization earlier this month, calling on global brands to help support the higher wages.

Video Cambodia Coconuts - How One Company Is Cracking The Coconut Craze

Cracking open a fresh coconut for a drink has long been a popular refreshment in Cambodia. Now the coconuts are being upscaled, and one company is employing women from one of the country's poorest communities to make oil and other items from coconuts. AP/Cambodia, Kompot.

Few Workers Satisfied, as Small Wage Increase Takes Effect

The compromised wage increase, to $128 per month, is far short of the $177 unions had asked for, but it is nearly 30 percent more than workers had been making.

Vietnamese Businesses Study 'Innovation' to Move Ahead

A group of Vietnamese economists have devised a survey which measures how innovative businesses are and how they value innovation.

A Year After Deadly Cambodia Protest, Families Await Answers

Families of garment workers killed by police in January 2014 unrest struggle to survive, seek justice

Tsunami Memorial Ceremonies Can't Hide Misgivings About Future Disaster Readiness

Ceremonies in southern Thailand marking the 10th anniversary of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami brought together hundreds of Thais, foreigners and dignitaries.

Falling Oil Prices Pinch Vietnam's Economy, Tourism

National budget relies on oil profits for key slice of spending; also, usual Russian visitors are tightening belts, staying away

Video Cambodian Youth Selling Kidney Expresses Deep Remorse​

This tiny one room house in Phnom Penh is home to Chhay and nine of his relatives. Inside the 18 years old is trying to recover from something he describes as a massive mistake. Two years ago, he was talked into doing something he deeply regrets - selling one of his kidney for 3000 dollars. (AFP)

As Partnership With China Grows, So Too Concerns

In November, Prime Minister Hun Sen attended a summit there, where China pledged more aid to help develop the economy—about $500 million per year.

Video Hunting for Wild Honey in Cambodia's Forests

Cambodia is thought to produce the best wild honey in Southeast Asia, mainly due to its climate and topography.

Video Cambodia Potteries Improved And Meet Big Demand

The ancient Kingdom of Angkor once created pottery fit for kings, but the artisan skills have declined through the centuries.

Environmentalists Skeptical Ahead of Laos Meeting on Hydropower Dam

Project is one of a series of planned dams in the Mekong River Basin that environmentalists say could harm an ecosystem critical for feeding millions of people in Southeast Asia

Video World's Best Rice Title Should Help Boost Cambodian Rice Exports

For the third year in a row, Cambodia's premier rice has been voted the world's best at the World Rice Conference.

Video 'World’s Best Rice' Title Could Boost Cambodian Rice Exports

Award is shared this year with Thailand, and comes at time when Cambodia views rice exports as way to increase incomes for its subsistence farmers.

Video Workers Say $128 Per Month Is Not Enough To Live On

In interviews with VOA Khmer, factory workers describe poor living conditions and poor eating habits as a result of their low wages.

USAID To Provide Skills Training Ahead of Asean Integration

Many young Cambodians say they fear the impending competition from an EU-like economic integration that would free up goods and services between the 10 Asean nations.

Youth Fear Impending Job Competition With Asean

All 10 Asean countries are set to form and EU-style community, allowing the free movement of goods and services between them at the end of 2015.

Opposition Wants Better Tracking of Chinese Aid Money

China recently pledged between $500 million and $700 million for Cambodia, but it is not clear where the money will be spent.

Thailand Tallies Billions in Rice Program Losses

Government-backed rice price support scheme launched by former leader Yingluck Shinawatra promised farmers a fixed, above-market price for their rice crops.

Little Union Support as Government Announces Raise in Wages

Some unions had demanded up to $177 per month, in a sector that employs up to 700,000 Cambodians and is a major economic driver for the country.

Video Cambodia’s Elderly Face Increasing Hardships

More than 80 percent of country's 850,000 elderly never had formal employment and therefore do not qualify for a pension.

Cambodia Raises Garment Wage 28 Percent, Unions Say Not Enough

Two major unions said that they didn't agree with the new figure and will hold meetings with their members about what to do next.

Video Former Japanese Journalist Helps Fight Human Trafficking in Cambodia

A former Japanese reporter is doing her part in the fight against human trafficking in Cambodia by publishing comic books and distributing them for free in and around Cambodia.

Video Thai Leader on Two-Day Diplomatic Visit to Cambodia

The head of Thailand’s military-controlled government begins a two-day visit to Cambodia today, in a bid to improve diplomatic ties with Cambodia in talks with Prime Minister Hun Sen and other officials.

Poor Electricity and Labor Force Hurting Economy, Report Says

Intermittent electricity, informal payments and a low-skill labor force are all major constraints to doing business in Cambodia, the report says.

‘Promising’ Climate After Political Deal, Investors Say

But analysts say Cambodia's long-term attractiveness to US investors will depend on long-promised reforms, particularly in education, energy security and anti-corruption.

Washington State Senator Sees Business Potential in Cambodia

Sen. Don Benton, from Washington state, told VOA Khmer that Cambodia has many business opportunities, compared to other Asean countries.

Video Illegal Logging Ravaging the Last Forests, Activists Say

Forestry activists say at least 55,000 tons of luxury wood has been sent from Cambodia to China this year alone.

More Negotiations Planned Ahead of Minimum Wage Decision

Major brands who source from Cambodia have meanwhile begun to push for fair conditions and wages for factory labor.

Kerry Touts Greater Asean Economic Potential

John Kerry speech marked the 30th anniversary of the US-Asean Business Council and comes as Asean is moving toward economic integration in 2015.

Video Protesters March for World Habitat Day

More than 1,000 people marched on the National Assembly on Monday, many of them displaced from land disputes, to mark World Habitat Day.

US Retailers Say They Support a Living Wage for Workers

Workers have begun midday strikes in support of a wage increase to $177 per month, an amount factories have said they cannot afford.

Video Cambodia Foreign Minister Previews Upcoming UN Speech

Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong is slated to deliver a speech to the UN’s General Assembly on Monday in New York.

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Raising Frogs in Rice Fields Generates More Incomes and Crops for Farmersi
28 January 2015
Frogs are a natural, organic alternative to pesticides for farmers in Cambodia fighting against the insects ravening their fragile rice seedlings. But despite their green-credentials, widespread hunting is preventing more farmers from switching to frogs. ​Ap/Takeo

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