New Book on Khmer Rouge Jungle Redoubt Out This Month

The cover of the book "A History of the Anlong Veng Community, the Final Stronghold of the Khmer Rouge Movement"

16 January 2015
Dy Khamboly is the senior researcher at the center and the co-author of the book. He said the book aims to be the starting point for former Khmer Rouge cadres and their victims to better understand one another. More

Photogallery India Battles Challenge of Shrinking Habitat for Big Cat

In effort to protect tigers, authorities have launched a program to relocate villages in sprawling habitat

Thailand Defends Care for Children in Controversial Surrogacy Case

At least 15 babies were allegedly fathered by a wealthy 24-year-old Japanese businessman, Mitsutoki Shigeta

Audio New Book Looks at Modern Cham Muslims

A new book, “From the Khmer Rouge to Hambali: Cham Identities in Global Age” by Eng Kok-thay, research director at the Documentation Center of Cambodia, examines that struggle.

Campaign Aims To Bring Cambodian Rockers to New York

The film chronicles the golden age of Cambodian rock, before the country fell to the Khmer Rouge, which killed many musicians.

American Writer Tells Story of Cambodian ‘Women on the Rise’

Anne Elizabeth Moore, a feminist writer and artist, spent about four months living and working with young Cambodian women in a dormitory in Phnom Penh.

Video Filmmaker Takes on Culture of Rape and Sexual Assault

Cambodian-American filmmaker Caylee So is at work on a film that looks at the culture of rape and sexual assault—taboo subjects in Cambodia, despite their prevalence. “Invisible Dance,” a fictional story, tackles assault in both Cambodian and US communities.

In Bethlehem, Christmas Eve Scuffle Caps Tense Year

Shoving match breaks out between marching band and police during holiday celebrations

Video Cambodia Potteries Improved And Meet Big Demand

The ancient Kingdom of Angkor once created pottery fit for kings, but the artisan skills have declined through the centuries.

Scholar Researching Life in Cambodia’s Deaf Community

Erin Moriarty Harrelson, a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at American University, is one of the five researchers who received a Fullbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship this year. She is now in Cambodia, working to document the lives of deaf people in rural areas.

Video Former Japanese Journalist Helps Fight Human Trafficking in Cambodia

A former Japanese reporter is doing her part in the fight against human trafficking in Cambodia by publishing comic books and distributing them for free in and around Cambodia.

Video Trash Picker Joins Circus, Becomes Star

A new documentary describes how art has transformed two impoverished Cambodian children and a musical group, “The Messenger” into famous artists. VOA Khmer's Moryvan Ly interviewed one of them, Phounam Pin, a circus artist who uses her amazing performance skills to change her life and to heal others

Video A Student Killed in Firework Mishap in King's Coronation Ceremony

Thousand of people gathered in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh on Wednesday October 29 to attend a ceremony marking the tenth anniversary of King Norodom Sihamoni coronation, unfortunately a student were killed and seven were injured in the firework mishap. Pin Sisovann, VOA Khmer

Retired Musician Still Has Songs To Share

Recently, the 78-year-old smiled as he sang to welcome a VOA Khmer reporter for an interview.

Police File Charges Against Woman for Temple Vandalism

Police say that on Oct. 9, Willemijn Vermaat, 40, spent the night in the Bayon Temple illegally and subsequently knocked over a 12th-century statue there.

Authorities Mull Legal Action for Accused Temple Vandal

Willemijn Vermaat, 40, was briefly detained the following morning, before the statue was found knocked over, and she appears to have left the country.

Video Crowd Gathers To Honor Former King’s Legacy

More than 1,000 people, including monks and students, gathered Wednesday in front of the Royal Palace to mark the second anniversary of the passing of former king Norodom Sihanouk.

Vandalism Suspected at Famed Bayon Temple of Angkor Wat

The statue, in Bayon Temple, was found tipped over, while a New Zealand woman who sneaked into the temples one night last week is suspected, police say.

Video African Filmmaker in Texas Explores Cultural Issues

Texas-based Nigerian filmmaker Kelechi Eke makes “Nollywood” style films that focus on the lives of African immigrants as well as important issues back in Africa. VOA’s Greg Flakus has this report from Houston.

Video In Sweden, Laws on Gay Rights Have Changed Faster Than Attitudes

VOA Khmer’s Say Mony recently visited Sweden, where gay marriage has been legal since 2009. In Stockholm, he finds, the struggle is much the same, but increasingly people are coming out to demand equal rights. Reporting with the support of the Swedish Institute.

Monks Arrested for Serious Crimes During Spiritual Holiday

Two monks and four laymen were arrested at a pagoda in Siem Reap province over the holiday, accused of drinking alcohol and using drugs.

Video Now a Successful Fair-Trade Business Is Making Luxury Fabric From the Lotus' Stems

Lotus flowers are a symbol of divinity and purity in many Asian countries, and the plants grow wild in many parts of Cambodia. Now lotus' stems are made into luxury fabric. AP has this report from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In Gay-Friendly Stockholm, Old Stigmas Remain

To open more minds, Sweden has Pride parades every year, drawing tens of thousands of participants.

Researcher Describes Khmer Rouge Atrocities Against Cham Muslims

Both leaders on trial will face charges related to the treatment of the Chams, as well as Vietnamese, when their trial begins in full later this year.

Video Cambodian American Hip Hop Artist Sings of Personal Struggles

For Chanthy Sok, rap infused with Cambodian melodies is a way to pay respect to the survivors of the victims of Khmer Rouge genocide.

Video Banteay Chhmar Restoration Project Underway

Cambodia's «Second Angkor Wat» at Banteay Chhmar is slowing returning to life after eight centuries of isolated slumber. A British archaeologist has put together a team if workers and experts who are rebuilding the ancient temples stone by stone. (AP, Phnom Penh)

Protesters Again Demand Vietnamese Apology Over Kampuchea Krom

Many Cambodians remain angered that the area, called Kampuchea Krom, or Lower Cambodia, in Khmer, was partitioned to Vietnam by the French in 1949.

Remains of King Enshrined in Silver Pagoda

Norodom Sihanouk, a major political figure beloved by many Cambodians, died in October 2012.

Video Cambodian Metalwork in Good Business for Tourists' Souvenirs

សិប្បកម្ម​ជាងទង​ប្រពៃណី​ខ្មែរ​ស្ទើរតែ​សាបសូន្យ​ក្នុង​របប​ខ្មែរក្រហម​នៅចុង​ទស​វត្សរ៍​១៩៧០​ តែ​សព្វថ្ងៃ​នេះ​ សិប្បកម្មនេះ​មាន​ជីវិត​រស់រវើក​ឡើង​វិញ។

Villagers Accuse Mondolkiri Company of Major Deforestation

Adhoc says at least 110 forestry activists are currently under threat, through lawsuit, violence or arrest, in the province.

Musician Has Supported Cambodian Arts for Decades

The school teaches traditional dance, Pin Peat music, and Mahori music, and Yike, taught by skillful professors from the Royal University of Fine Arts.

Video DC United Academy Coach Teaches Soccer Basics

The World Cup has begun and the globe's football fans have their attention on Brazil. Here in Washington DC, the coach of the top professional team, DC United, recently provided tips on how to play the world's most popular sport. English audio with Khmer-text subtitles. Please watch and read along.

Video Protocol on Sexual Violence in War Launched at London Summit

A conference in London - organized in part by actress Angelina Jolie - has launched a new international protocol on investigating sexual violence in war.

Casino Expansion Next To Buddhist Institute Irks Some

Lao Mong Hay said the casino expansion not only hurts the institution’s physical building, but it is harmful to what the building represents.

Women Minorities Call Land Development a Major Threat

A group of 20 women from various indigenous groups from across the country met in Phnom Penh on Wednesday, calling economic land concessions the top threat to their way of life.

Ceremony Marks Loss of ‘Lower Cambodia’ to Vietnam

The delta was once part of Cambodia, but it was partitioned to Vietnam by the French at the end of their Indochinese colonization in 1949.

Video Three Statues Repatriated in Phnom Penh Ceremony

Three statues looted from Cambodia over the last 40 years were returned to Phnom Penh in an official ceremony Tuesday.

Photogallery Three Statues Repatriated in Phnom Penh Ceremony

Three major statues looted from Cambodia during its civil war were returned to Phnom Penh in an official ceremony Tuesday.

High Rate of Khmer Rouge Sexual Violence Among Ethnic Minorities

The survey, conducted by the Cambodian Defenders Project, found that some 60 percent of 105 surveyed respondents experienced some form of sexual violence under the Khmer Rouge.

Video Success in US Possible, Former Ambassador Says

At the close of National Asia Pacific Heritage Month, Sichan Siv, a Cambodian and former US ambassador to the UN, says cultural assimilation had been the key to his success in the United States.

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Cambodia Reduces Western Influence, Tilts Towards Locali
30 January 2015
Cambodia tilts towards China and its acceptance of more and more Chinese aid helps the impoverished nation to reduce influence of international donors who had sought to push Cambodia towards more democratic form of governance. Sebastian Strangio, the author of “Hun Sen’s Cambodia,” told a gathering in Washington that the balance between local interest and international interest in Cambodia is beginning to tilt much more in the directions of the local. VOA’s Men Kimseng reports from Washington.

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