Cambodian Circus Performers Want More Support

    Tiny Tinou Circus International Festival will perform in Phnom Penh from April 28 to April 30 at the Chenla Theatre. (Courtesy of PHARE)

    28 April 2016
    More than 800 international artists have come from dozens of different countries to join the Tiny Tinou festival this year. More

    Returned Artifacts Stir New Interest in Cambodian Antiquity

    Artifacts looted from Cambodia’s ancient temples during decades of conflict have started to flow back into the country.

    Zaha Hadid’s Little Known Plan to Redesign Phnom Penh

    A document entitled “Phnom Penh Vision 2050,” seen by VOA Khmer, sets out how her company, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) works on projects.

    Video Once a Habit of Hardship, Insects Still a Popular Snack in Cambodia

    Eating insects became popular in Cambodia during decades of civil war when starving refugees ate them to stay alive. Things have now improved for insect hunters in the region as they can sell insects at very good price.

    LGBT Campaigner Calls for Legal Protections

    A 2014 study by the United States Agency for International Development found that LGBT Cambodians face discrimination and emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

    Young Cambodian Flutist Selected for Orchestra Performance in Washington

    Panh Panhlauv was chosen to play in this year’s High School Choir Festival for the first time as part of the D.C. Youth Orchestra Program.

    Understanding Intimacy and Economic Pragmatism in Cambodia

    Hoefinger travelled to Cambodia as a backpacker in 2003, fell in love with the country and befriended many Cambodian women who worked in Phnom Penh’s bars.

    Photogallery Martial Art Jiu Jitsu Gains Popularity in Cambodia

    One of the world’s best-known martial arts, jiu jitsu—which was first brought to Cambodia about 20 years ago—is gaining more popularity in the country, especially among expatriates. Next week, a world well-known Jiu Jitsu master, Chris Haueter will be in Cambodia for a short training.

    Millions of Chinese Migrant Workers Head Home for New Year

    Next week begins year of the monkey in China, with millions traveling to spend time with their families and celebrate event with grand fireworks celebrations.

    In Visit, US Secretary of State Gave a Nod to Cambodian Antiquities

    Many of Cambodia’s antiquities are scattered abroad, stolen and sold by looters during decades of conflict.

    Video In Visit, US Secretary of State Gave a Nod to Cambodian Antiquities

    During this week’s visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry, officials mainly discussed economic and security issues, but Kerry also took time to tour the National Museum and to discuss the potential return of Cambodian antiquities.

    Outside Siem Reap Town, Poverty Remains a Daily Reality

    Cambodia earns nearly $60 million in ticket sales from Angkor Wat each year, from nearly 2 million visitors.

    Bringing Men Into the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

    Efforts are underway to recruit men and boys in the battle for gender equality in Cambodia, in an approach that experts hope will help prevent violence against women.

    Keeping the Memory of Khmer Traditional Arts Alive

    German photographer Arjay Stevens described the process of falling in love with images of Cambodia, from daily life to local art and silk weaving to political demonstrations.

    In ‘Mekong Review,’ Literary Journalism, Criticism Find a Home

    The Mekong Review, launched in November, will publish essays, book reviews, excerpts and works of literary journalism.

    Video Cambodian Circus Has Something to Prove

    Phare, the Cambodian Circus troupe, has been performing in the United States and the message of its tour is that it wants the world to know that Cambodia is a very different country today, than the common image of its tragic past.

    Video Cambodian Filmmakers Finding Broader Recognition

    Efforts to inspire new generation of local filmmakers are beginning to bear fruit while foreign producers are turning their attention to Cambodian subjects.

    Video Cambodian Filmmakers Finding Broader Recognition

    Cambodian cinema fans are being treated to an unprecedented range of films at this year's Cambodian International Film Festival. In its fifth year the six-day festival is starting to attract serious international recognition and one very well known guest. David Boyle reports.

    ‘A Tomb for Khun Srun’ Recalls One of Cambodia’s Writers

    Khun Srun’s story ended tragically when he was executed in 1978 by the Khmer Rouge, which had by then taken power.

    Group Honors Men Who Have Worked To Prevent Violence Against Women

    An estimated one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence in her lifetime.

    Cambodia’s Young Generations a Demographic Boon, For Now

    The report recommends that developing countries in East Asia “take steps to reform their existing pension schemes, including considering gradual increases in retirement age.”

    Study Finds Violence Is an Ever-Present Threat for Many Cambodian Women

    Shame and social stigma prevented most women from reporting the abuse, and it prevented many from even seeking medical attention.

    Jolie Pitt Accepts Honorary Post at Cambodian Film Festival

    The festival held in the capital, Phnom Penh, runs Dec. 4-10 and is screening 130 films from 34 countries.

    Water Festival Opens, Without Traditional Boat Races

    The Water Festival is generally held in November, a tributary of the Mekong River, changes course, due to monsoon rains that fill up its source lake in the Cambodian interior.

    Whitening Cream Warnings Compete With Cultural Desire for Lighter Skin

    A 2013 research showed that six of 14 skin-whitening creams had levels of mercury higher than allowed in Asean or the US.

    US Professor Examines the Idea of ‘Professional Girlfriends’ in Cambodia

    “Sex, Love, and Money in Cambodia: Professional Girlfriends and Transactional Relationships” looks at the intimate lives of Cambodian women and the idea of “transactional relationships.”

    Photographs Intimately Depict Life of Cambodian Classical Dancer

    An exhibit of the project is currently running at the Bophana Center in Phnom Penh.

    First-Ever Literary Festival To Be Held in Coastal Town of Kampot

    The festival, the first of its kind in the coastal town, will include writers, songwriters, singers and journalists.

    Phare’s Historic Florida Performance Is a Hit

    Phare’s performance “Khmer Metal” was applauded by the audience, some reacting with the words:“Now that was circus!”

    Two Ancient Artifacts To Be Returned by Norwegian Collector

    Cambodia has in recent years received hundreds of pieces of antiquity, returned by foreign governments and private collectors alike.

    Cambodia Marks Third-Year Anniversary of King’s Death

    With garlands and trumpets, some 200 government officials paid their respects to the late King Norodom Sihanouk, who died three years ago in Beijing.

    Hun Sen Advises Muslims To Be Wary of Political Change

    Hun Sen warned against political messages of change, such as those that have transpired since the Arab Spring.

    Bunong Seek to Oust Mondulkiri Provincial Governor

    More than 800 indigenous people in Mondulkiri province are seeking to oust the provincial governor, who is accused of violating the rights of the ethnic minority.

    Annual Ceremonies Honor Ancestors and Wandering Spirits

    The 15-day religious ceremony entail monks waking very early to chant, and more people arriving to make offerings, in one of the country’s most important annual rituals.

    Buddhist Leader Joins Pope in Washington Ceremony

    Tun Sovan, head of the Cambodian Buddhist Society at Wat Buddhikaram temple, said later he was happy to participate in a religious ceremony with the pope.

    Cambodian Circus Arrives in US for First Time

    Phare, a Cambodian circus, is conducting its first US tour, after traveling across Europe and Asia for the last decade.

    New Program Helps Artists Be Entrepreneurs

    Often underpaid and undervalued, there are not many artists devoted to preserving Khmer cultural values through arts these days.

    Artist Says Both Modern and Classical Art Can Reflect a Society

    Chhim Sothy's award-winning work has been shown in many countries, including the US, and in Europe.

    India Suspends Project for Construction of Angkor Wat Replica

    The move comes after Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the Indian government find a way to stop the project.

    Photogallery Inside Cambodia's Oldest Fine Arts University

    General views inside Royal University of Fine Arts, Cambodia’s oldest fine arts college. Stand next to the National Museum in Phnom Penh, the school will soon leave for the outskirts of the Cambodian capital due to a planned expansion of the National Museum.

    40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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    Cambodia Laying Tracks for Transport Futurei
    29 April 2016
    After more than a decade, Cambodia's railway service has resumed passenger services from the capital, Phnom Penh, to the beach resort town of Sihanoukville. VOA Khmer's Sou Pichchinda narrates.

    English with Mani & Mori

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