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'World’s Best Rice' Title Could Boost Cambodian Rice Exports

'World’s Best Rice' Title Could Boost Cambodian Rice Exports

26 November 2014
Award is shared this year with Thailand, and comes at time when Cambodia views rice exports as way to increase incomes for its subsistence farmers. More
November 2014
25 November 2014

Video 'World’s Best Rice' Title Could Boost Cambodian Rice Exports

For the third year in a row, Cambodia’s premier rice has been voted the world’s best at the World Rice Conference. The award, which it shares this year with Thailand, comes at a time when Cambodia is looking at rice exports as a way to increase incomes for its many impoverished subsistence farmers.

24 November 2014

Cambodian PM Defends Australia Refugee Deal

PM Hun Sen said services for the new arrivals would all be paid for by Australia through a $35 million resettlement program.

21 November 2014

Video Workers Say $128 Per Month Is Not Enough To Live On

In interviews with VOA Khmer, factory workers describe poor living conditions and poor eating habits as a result of their low wages.

20 November 2014

USAID To Provide Skills Training Ahead of Asean Integration

Many young Cambodians say they fear the impending competition from an EU-like economic integration that would free up goods and services between the 10 Asean nations.

Election Group Suggests Revamped, Modern Voter Registry

A new voter registration system that could eliminate irregularities would cost about $17 million, an election monitor said Thursday.

Hun Sen Claims He Has ‘No Power’ Over Courts

In fact, Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party is widely and frequently criticized for using the courts as a tool against dissidents.

19 November 2014

Youth Fear Impending Job Competition With Asean

All 10 Asean countries are set to form and EU-style community, allowing the free movement of goods and services between them at the end of 2015.

Opposition Wants Better Tracking of Chinese Aid Money

China recently pledged between $500 million and $700 million for Cambodia, but it is not clear where the money will be spent.

18 November 2014

US Ambassador’s Column Popular, Though Not With Everyone

The ambassador has proven willing to tackle tough topics in Cambodia’s fractious political climate.

Opposition Member Will Remain in Detention, Ministry Says

Meach Sovannara, a former Radio Free Asia reporter, is facing a hefty sentence on charges of insurrection, for allegedly orchestrating violence in a July 15 protest.

17 November 2014

Prince Says Opposition Unlikely To Reform Election System

Prince Norodom Ranariddh, a former key figure in Cambodian politics, says he and others want to see an independent election body.

Opposition Demands Release of Jailed Member

Meach Sovannara is accused of taking orchestrating violent demonstrations in July, a charge he denies.

15 November 2014

Photogallery Boeung Kak Family Struggles with Flood

Even though the rainy season has ended for this year, Khoeun Sovat, 42, who lives in Boeung Kak community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is still dealing with flooding. His house has been flooding for a half month now because of rain. He said he has to pay double for his electricity bill due to using a pump. When the water level was at its highest level, he had to bring his bed out and sleep outside the house.

14 November 2014

For Author, Chasing a ‘Moving Target’ After 2013 Elections

The book will officially launch in Phnom Penh on Nov. 19 at Meta House and will be available at Monument Books in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, as well as, on Kindle and in hardback.

Rights Groups Fear ‘Blacklist’ for Anti-Vietnam Protesters

At least three monks have been arrested and charged with disturbing public order.

Protesters Condemn ‘New Wave’ of Activist Arrests

Ten activists, three monks and two opposition members are currently in detention on various charges.

Hun Sen, UN Leader Meet on Sidelines of Summit

Prime Minister Hun Sen met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the sideline of an Asean summit in Myanmar this wee, where they briefly discussed the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Photogallery Tropeang Lavear Villagers Display ‘SOS’ for Hun Sen

People in Tropeang Lavear (ភូមិ​ត្រពាំង​ល្វា) have begun displaying SOS messages on their roofs, which lies in the flight path to Phnom Penh international airport. They say they are hoping to get the attention of Prime Minister Hun Sen when he returns to Cambodia from the ASEAN summit in Myanmar Thursday. This time, SOS represents "Success of Solidarity" which aims to solve land problems caused by airport expansion with solidarity between the government and the villagers. In most western cultures, the English letters SOS typically stand as a sign of distress or a need for help.

13 November 2014

Rights Groups Condemn Arrests of Activists, Opposition Member

Lawyers for seven imprisoned activists on Thursday appealed for their release, following a swift trial and sentencing earlier this week that has been widely criticized.

Little Union Support as Government Announces Raise in Wages

Some unions had demanded up to $177 per month, in a sector that employs up to 700,000 Cambodians and is a major economic driver for the country.

12 November 2014

Three More Activists Quickly Sentenced to Jail

The three activists Wednesday, including a former monk, were charged with disturbing public order, the same charge brought against the seven activists the day before.

Opposition Decries Arrest of Prominent Member

Meach Sovannara faces up to 15 years in prison for taking part in the demonstration and allegedly inciting violence.

Video Cambodia’s Elderly Face Increasing Hardships

More than 80 percent of country's 850,000 elderly never had formal employment and therefore do not qualify for a pension.

Cambodia Raises Garment Wage 28 Percent, Unions Say Not Enough

Two major unions said that they didn't agree with the new figure and will hold meetings with their members about what to do next.

11 November 2014

Asean Draft Statement Foreshadow Upcoming Summits

The drafts show that Myanmar will welcome a variety of initiatives by the US, from cooperation on information sharing to cooperation in various regional forums.

Election Committee Reform Team Nearing Compromise

Members of the ruling party and opposition say they are close to reaching an agreement on reform of the National Election Committee.

Housing Activists Swiftly Convicted After Monday Arrest

The activists were sentenced to a year in prison and fined $500 each.

Video Former Japanese Journalist Helps Fight Human Trafficking in Cambodia

A former Japanese reporter is doing her part in the fight against human trafficking in Cambodia by publishing comic books and distributing them for free in and around Cambodia.

07 November 2014

Photogallery The 2014 Water Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The first day of the annual Water Festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Nov. 5, 2014.

06 November 2014

ASEAN Document Pushes Talks on South China Sea

Statement, leaked ahead of next week's summit in Myanmar, is draft of closing message.

04 November 2014

Video Trash Picker Joins Circus, Becomes Star

A new documentary describes how art has transformed two impoverished Cambodian children and a musical group, “The Messenger” into famous artists. VOA Khmer's Moryvan Ly interviewed one of them, Phounam Pin, a circus artist who uses her amazing performance skills to change her life and to heal others

November 2014


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