ASEAN Concludes, Exposing South China Sea Rifts

13 July 2012
Unprecedented impasse leaves some officials pointing finger at Cambodia, questioning bloc cohesiveness. More

No Agreement on South China Sea as Asean Meeting Ends

Meanwhile, China has built strong relationships across the region, in countries like Cambodia, which could divide Asean countries.

Clinton to Meet Burmese President After Sanctions Lifted

A senior State Department official said the talks will take place Friday on the sidelines of a conference in Cambodia.

China Ready to Join Talks on South China Sea

China says ASEAN is not the place to resolve these dispute because it is not about the regional forum.

ASEAN Members Fail to Draft South China Sea Statement

Four ASEAN members - Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam - claim overlapping parts of the South China Sea.

Beehive Owner To Return to Cambodia Despite Threat

Mam Sonando says he will defy a government threat of prosecution and return to Cambodia from abroad this week.

Clinton Meets With Asean States Ahead of Regional Forum

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered an address ahead of her meeting, saying she “strongly” supports Asean.

Detained Frenchman Willing To Go to China, Cambodia Says

Patrick Devillers, who has been detained since his arrest in Phnom Penh on June 13, can return at his own request.

Groups Want Stronger Asean Declaration of Human Rights

Asean leaders are expected to approve the declaration in a major summit in November.

ASEAN Hoping for Removal of Burma Sanctions

The feeling from ASEAN officials was that Burma, should be rewarded.

Cambodia Says ASEAN Ministers Agree to 'Key Elements' of Sea Code

Regional tensions have risen recently, with Vietnam and the Philippines accusing China of aggressive behavior in the sea.

The ‘God Particle,’ Explained

The God particle is just a fancy name for a sub-atomic particle called the Higgs Boson.

Photogallery UN Expert To Khmer Rouge Court Sees Promise Over Problems

Scheffer expressed strong determination in his mission to the ECCC in trying the surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Disease Outbreak Has Killed More Than 50 Children Since April, Officials Say

Fever, poor appetite, malaise and sore throat are all symptoms of the disease.

Regional Ministers Meet Over South China Sea Ahead of Security Meeting

A code of conduct would help Vietnam and the Philippines, which are both members of Asean.

UN Calls for Unity to Fight Drug-Resistant Malaria

In 2010 the Asia Pacific region had 28 million cases of malaria with 38,000 lives lost.

US to Assure ASEAN on China During Meetings

The meetings come amid rising tensions between ASEAN members and China over the South China Sea.

Clinton’s Visit an Upswing in a Sometimes Turbulent Relationship

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s trip to the Asean Regional Forum in Phnom Penh next week will mark her second visit to Cambodia.

Tribunal Officials Visit Former Khmer Rouge Stronghold

Tribunal spokesman Lars Olsen told the gathering that there would be no more new cases beyond those already before the court.

Cambodia, Vietnam Add Interpol Database for Pilot Project

Interpol equipment linked to the database has been installed in Cambodia since June, officials said.

Clinton Visit Amid Ongoing Improved US Relations

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to attend an Asean security forum this month.

Researcher Joins Genocide Experts in Austrian Conference

The symposium, called “Learning from the Past: Global Perspectives on Holocaust Education,” ends Monday.

In HIV/AIDS Fight, Continued Success and New Concerns

Cambodian health officials now say they are worried a decrease in aid funding to fight the disease could hurt their efforts to stop it.

More and More Cambodians Going Online for Advocacy, Blogger Says

Recent statistics show Internet penetration in Cambodia at only about 3 percent, but growing.

Clinton Prepares for Major Asean Security Meeting

The contentious issue of the South China Sea will also likely be on Clinton’s agenda, as she moves to further engagement in the region.

Rights Group: Indigenous Peoples Exploited in Rush for Resources

According to its recent report, there is an unprecedented demand for natural resources globally, but especially across Asia.

Global Media Conference Yields Ideas for Cambodian Internet

The Global Media Forum was set up to encourage media to play a role in education and culture, especially in developing countries.

Boeung Kak 13 Vow To Continue Demonstrations

Representatives wasted no time in meeting after their release from prison following a decision by the Appeals Court Wednesday.

As Two Sides Meet, Slow Progress in Preah Vihear Border Dispute

The two sides have been in a military standoff over a plot of land near the temple since July 2008.

Appeals Court Orders Release of Thirteen Boeung Kak Protesters

The women left the court in prison clothes, many of them weeping.

Hun Sen Calls for the Arrest of Beehive Radio Owner

Mam Sonando, who spoke to VOA Khmer from Switzerland, denied the allegations, but he said he would return to Cambodia next month.

Hun Sen Denies Breeching Ban on Land Concessions

According to documents obtained by VOA Khmer, Hun Sen has signed concessions on more than 65,000 hectares of land.

An Escaped Labor Slave Depicts His Plight Through Art

“I faced hardship,” he told VOA Khmer at the US State Department recently, where he was honored for his work.

Cambodia Holds Frenchman as It Examines Extradition Laws

Patrick Devillers is currently in the custody of the Cambodian immigration police.

Empowering Children, One Skateboard at a Time

A group called Skateistan is using the sport to help at-risk children.

French Architect Will Not Be Extradited, Foreign Minister Says

Foreign Minister Hor Namhong told reporters Friday that Patrick Devillers will remain in Cambodian custody.

China-Cambodia Ties Under Scrutiny in Arrest of French Citizen

Patrick Devillers was arrested June 13 in Phnom Penh at China's request.

France Demands Clarification in Arrest of Citizen

Devillers was arrested June 13 in Phnom Penh at the request of China, Cambodian officials said.

Cambodia Remains Source of Trafficking, US Says

The report noted ongoing corruption at all levels of government, which thwarts efforts to crack down on trafficking.

Cambodia Holding Frenchman Linked to Chinese Political Crisis

Patrick Devillers, 52, reportedly lives in Phnom Penh and owns land in the coastal town of Kep.

Monitor Counts Irregularities at Half of Last Month’s Polling Stations

The independent monitoring organization counted 3,000 irregularities at 5,810 polling stations in last month’s local elections.

Less Power for Cambodian Women, Report Says

The World Bank recommends that Cambodia prioritize gender in economic development and strengthen the role of women in public positions.

Truth in Environmentalist’s Shooting Remains Shrouded

A rights activist said Friday an investigation into the killing of environmental activist Chut Wutty in April had made some progress.

North Korea Wants To Reopen Six-Party Talks, Cambodian Foreign Minister Says

Cambodia will host a major Asean ministerial meeting in July, where Clinton is expected to attend.

Three Huge Land Grants to Companies Despite Hun Sen Ban

Hun Sen announced a ban on May 7, but since then, the Ministry of Agriculture granted land to companies in three provinces.

Report: China Shipped Launch Vehicles to N. Korea

The report said the vehicles were transported on a Cambodia-registered ship.

Foreign Minister, Clinton Meet Amid Growing Rights Concerns

Foreign Minister Hor Namhong said after the meeting the Cambodia was seeking greater US investment in Cambodia.

Opposition Commune Official Arrested in Kandal

Sam Rainsy Party officials said he was being arrested because of his politics and called for his immediate release.

Hunger Strike Begins Amid Detained Protesters

A group of the protesters gathered in front of the Royal Palace for the second time on Monday.

US Asean Ambassador Encourages Strong Law, Low Corruption in Region

Ambassador David Carden addressed about 70 officials as part of a seminar on legal information networks in the region.

40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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